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Canon Patents a New Live View Autofocus System

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Looks good, not that I understand it.
canon patent 02 11 09 - Canon Patents a New Live View Autofocus System

From Engadget via Photography Bay:…..


21 responses to “Canon Patents a New Live View Autofocus System”

  1. I use live view for product photography, and it works great. The display is too dime to really make use of it outdoors.

    The full text of the patent can be found at

    You can join (Free) and also view the 25 pages of diagrams.

    It does read like a serious patent, and you get the feeling that it has been tested in the lab. How long it might take to get to production( if ever) depends on how much is already developed and designed.

  2. The patent is pretty complex, and provides two different implementations defining movement of the mirrors. The net result is

    1. conventional slr taking with mirror out of the way

    2. Imaging thru the mirror with high speed autofocus available. This would allow autofocus while using liveview, taking movies, and allows ultra high speed photography for sports. Some light loss thru the mirror, and probably some image degradation due to imperfections in the resin mirror.

    3. I noticed that a eyepiece shutter was also mentioned. That would be a nice feature, it may be that its required due to the mirror configuration.


  3. Thank you. You’re statement is completely true, and hopefully will help all of us put our own technological desires in perspective.

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