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Canon Pro9000 Mark II & Pro9500 Mark II

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Available everywhere!

9500 - Canon Pro9000 Mark II & Pro9500 Mark II
"Don't let your images live only as jpgs"

If you’ve been waiting to jump into home printing, the 2 new prosumer printers appear to be available everywhere.

Both printers produce great results. If you’re into b&w photography, the 9500 is the way to go.

If you already own a 9000 or 9500, they aren’t worth an upgrade.

I currently use the 9500 and Hahnemuhle papers, I’ve never been happier with a printer.


6 responses to “Canon Pro9000 Mark II & Pro9500 Mark II”

  1. Yes, I’ve was looking at them over the weekend. There is a $200 rebate on the 9500 MK II almost everywhere.

  2. I do not have a photo printer and have used online printers for my photos. But this post has spiked my interested in a printer. The choice is difficult. The 9500 Mark II image quality looks great, but how long do the cartridges really last?

    I am also considering the Epson R1900 printer because it is less expensive and it can create landscapes up to 13″ x 44″. But…I read the ink cartridges are small get sucked dry.

    Does anyone have any practical experience with either printer?

    Can someone recommend purchasing a photo printer vs using the online photo services?


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