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Canon shows off the 120MP APS-H sensor shooting video

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Remember that 120MP demo camera? Apparently it’s still around.  Here’s a camera with that sensor module (APS-H 120MP) shooting at 9.4fps video for advanced imagery and manufacturing applications.

Apparently 4k is over, bring on 13.2K ;)

Keep in mind that Canon’s been promising an actual camera with this for some time, however the news gets more interesting with this video.  Going by normal development timelines, this camera should be ready to production if Canon decides to release it sometime later this year or next year.  Outside of the Canon development announcement, no other information or leaks on release have surfaced.

The thought of having a 120MP camera shooting 9fps leaves me a bit giddy.  It’ll be interesting to see what further develops from this.

While obviously this won’t interest the average consumer, the industrial possibilities are quite interesting. The ability to zoom into detail such as what we can’t do right now can lead to some interesting usages.

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