I know this is Canon Rumors, but the concept of upgradeable camera bodies is one I'd be very interested in.

From a reader
Change the output circuit board and sensor chip carrier (double the data readout lines – channels – enabled) and a D3 can become a D3X – firmware in D3 already had support for 24MP, but the circuit brd did not have enough buffer and processor to handle extra data flow.

D3 to D3X upgrade coming late 2009 – buffer upgrade tested the market. D3X priced at $8000 and so an upgrade can be done for $4000 and that will include shutter replacement = users can claim it is like a new camera.

I have no idea how likely this is, but it's a cool concept. I wish they could do that with my 1D3!

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I agree with a few folks things have become a bit overdone as far as advertising goes. I moved the one graphic that appeared under the first post to the right side. That takes some eye strain off the post.

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  1. I too am okay with ads being on the site, anything that helps, but I would prefer for them not to be in a post-like form. Also, will you be putting the links back up for “Page 2” and “Video”?

  2. I really don’t think upgradable cameras are practical. After 2 years, technology changes enough so that it is no longer makes sense to do a upgrade. Cameras wear out as well, so if you are using your camera a lot, it will be ready for replacement in a couple of years.

    Since the D3 and D3X are unusually similar, it might be technically possible, but it might make more sense to sell your old D3 and get a new one. I suppose Nikon could offer a trade-up program, but the two cameras are designed for different users. Most potential D3X type users now have MF or 1Ds III cameras.

  3. Image the confusion that upgrade would cause on the used market? Label on the front says it’s a D3, Serial Number says it’s a D3, but the seller on eBay swears it’s a D3x…

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