In a welcome update, DJI has just released two new Action 2 128GB Action Camera Combos that are a step up from the original Action 2 Combos, including a storage enhancement and newly added accessories. The Action 2 Dual-Screen 128GB Combo and Action 2 Power 128GB Combo receive an upgraded 128GB of internal storage from the original 32GB, and the Combos now include a magnetic headband and magnetic protective case, in addition to the other Combo accessories.

The camera itself features a 155° field of view, 4000 x 3000-pixel resolution, image stabilization, and capture up to 4K120 fps for slow-motion magic. Its durable enclosure is drop-proof, dustproof, and waterproof―allowing you to use it submerged down to 32′. The large rear touchscreen provides preview and quick settings, and the built-in LiPo battery can keep you shooting with the camera for up to 70 minutes. Now, it can capture even more footage with its 128GB internal storage update.

Modular Design

The modular design of the Action 2 takes the traditional action camera a step further with the swappable Front Touchscreen Module that’s great for vloggers and includes a touchscreen OLED display, battery power for up to 160 minutes of extended run time, and 4-mic stereo audio capture. The hot-swappable Power Module not only provides up to 180 minutes of total shooting time, it also extends the camera’s storage options with a microSD slot to cover long shooting days.

Numerous Accessories

Each Combo includes a magnetic lanyard, a magnetic adapter mount, a magnetic headband, a magnetic protective case, and a charging cable. In addition to the basic accessories, the Dual-Screen Combo includes the Front Touchscreen Module and a ball-joint adapter mount, and the Power Combo includes the Power Module. Other accessory options include a waterproof housing for deeper dives down to 197′, the DJI Mic for clear audio capture, a macro lens attachment, and a remote control extension rod, which are all available separately.

Check out the new Action 2 camera combos at B&H Photo

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  1. Having just dipped my toe into the world of DJI (I acquired an Air 3 drone) I can honestly say I am amazed at what DJI is doing in the realm of video and photography. The capabilities of taking 4K/60 video and 48MP shots (granted a bit of a gimmick) from a 2 pound drone that can fly for 35 minutes all for just over $1100 US is simply amazing.

    In addition, the safety features built into the drone make it almost idiot proof which is welcome for a new drone pilot!

    What they are doing in the action camera, wearable camera and mic and gimbal space is equally amazing.

    They are a truly innovative company in the imaging space.
  2. Having just dipped my toe into the world of DJI (I acquired an Air 3 drone) I can honestly say I am amazed at what DJI is doing in the realm of video and photography. […]
    Don’t forget that they own Hasselblad nowadays!

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