Chris and Jordan at DPReview have completed their review of the Canon EOS R5. As normal, Chris reviews the still sides of the camera, and Jordan handles the video side of things.

This is a tale of two cameras it appears.

For stills, Chris thinks the EOS R5 will become one of his favorite cameras. Great image quality, terrific autofocus, and handling the handling of the camera is what you'd expect from Canon. There were no heat issues when shooting stills only, but yes, there is an effect on the higher-quality record times after shooting photos.

For video, Jordan loves the quality of the video files, especially the 4KHQ mode. In Jordan's testing of the overheating, he found the record run times in a controlled environment are pretty much where Canon says they are. The problem, that he and everyone has, is the cooldown time. A 20-minute cooldown leads to only 5 more minutes of recording. As Gerald Undone pointed out in his tests, it takes a full two hours to cool the camera down. That makes it nearly unusable for any sort of real production work.

So it really is a tale of two cameras, if you're into stills, this is going to be an amazing tool for you, especially with that amazing RF glass. If you're a hybrid/video shooter, this camera is going to be a frustrating tool to use for production work, and there are likely better options out there.

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