From the same source as the 100-400
Canon has no imminent plans for an update to the 24-70. Canon has 5-6 lenses in queue for an update beforehand. There is a small chance you could see the lens at the same time as the 1Ds update in late 2009/early 2010.

One new lens that could be coming is a 500 f/5.6L IS. That would all but assure the end of the 400 f/5.6L. There is a market of baby boomers that are eating up higher end camera gear. Such a lens would be a sales monster according to a lot of people at Canon.

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  1. More to add. actually, why 24-70? I would like to see something like a 24-85/2.8L IS to be introduced. I guess those who have the current 24-70/2.8L are mostly full frame shooters right? I found the 24-70 focal length is a bit short in my personal taste, I have to couple it with the 70-200 all time if I’m serious about taking some good pictures, and this combo is heavy! So I just come to think that if there is something like a high end 24-85 i’ll be much happier:)

  2. I want a 20-70 2.8L IS, so i could do without using my 17-40. 24mm is not wide enough for all situations in a wedding, but 20mm would be. Then i could carry a 70-200 2.8 on another body for the reportage stuff.

  3. 24-70/2.8L, 20-70/2.8L or 24-85/2.8L dosn’t matter for me. A lens with sharp edges is most important.

  4. nounours18200 on

    A lot of Canon lenses need a renew, and it seems to me that Canon is late late and late on this aspect…

    but a 500/5.6L IS at a REASAONABLE price would surely be a commercial success…

  5. 500 f/5.6 IS will also be my ideal bird lens !

    i dream of this lens much before this rummor apear


    i was a owner of 100-400mm and now i have the 400mm prime

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