Replacement or Addition?
Received a cryptic email saying that a 400 f/4.5L IS is in development. The lens would fit between the 400 DO and 400 f/5.6. Neither of those lenses would be discontinued.

I'm not sure Canon needs four 400mm lenses. Nor do I have a clue what such a lens would cost.

Interesting concept anyway.

Nikon Roadmap Leak
Everyone has been pretty enamored by the apparent Nikon Roadmap leak.

I'm not a big believer, that is A LOT of lenses to launch in the span of 18 months.

We'll see though.

The link in case you missed it:


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  1. according to EOS systems manual 2008 pdf the 28-300 is not DW-R, and I can
    t see a gasket on the mount….

  2. That’s what I thought too Zac, I just looked up some reviews and the ones I found claim it is weather sealed. The site says “Like many of the newer L-Zooms, the 28-300 IS is weather sealed” and writes in his review of it “The built quality is impressive – it is solid as a rock, and it is weather sealed. I won’t hesitate to use this lens even in unfriendly environments and under the rain…” and has it on their “highest level of weather sealing” list.

    Maybe they’re all assuming it is because it’s an L lens? Maybe it has some better sealing than the 100-400 but not fully DW-R? It’d be interesting to know.

    Either way though, an updated 100-400 is overdue IMO.

  3. Dustin Harris on

    If you look at all Canon primes, there is a big price jump on any lens that needs more than a 77mm front element. I don’t know if it’s the size of the front element that makes it more expensive or other lens elements, but it does seem to be the case. If I’m right, that means that a 500/5.6 would still be in the upper echelons of the Great Whites, price wise (just look at the price difference between the 200/2 vs 200/2.8)

    As for the 400s, 3 in the lineup is a lot, but I believe canon still offers all four 70-200 options (4/2.8/IS/non-IS) so it’s possible that canon would introduce a 400/5.6L IS along side the current and wonderful 400/5.6L. I’m not sure how much market the 400DO has appealed to, the specs are great but the cost prohibitive… birders would rather get the real deal 500/f4 for the extra $400 and skip buying the 1.4XTC that they would have bought for the 400 anyway… and gain a stop and IQ. I would love a 400DO, don’t get me wrong, but I think most wildlife photogs agree that the money it better spent on other options.

    A 400/5.6L IS, I’d love one. I got rid of my 400L for many reasons, and one of them was the amount of light needed for sharp shots.

  4. I have been trying to get a hold of 400/5.6 from B&H, but been sold out for a while. Hate it when rumour about new lenses come when you are about to buy a lens in the same range :-)

  5. Check out the Minolta 400 f4.5, if Canon’s rumored lens is similar in profile with Canon’s legendary optics count me in (Google > Images > Minolta 400 f4.5 = jaw hitting floor).

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