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One of the usual lenses to appear on the replacement wishes of lots of people, the 400 f/5.6L, appears to be out of stock just about everywhere.

I know a couple of stores that have them in stock, both have probably been for awhile.

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  1. It’s sold in Germany since long. Now it also diappeared from the Canon’s Dutch prices list as well.

    Its production has beed stopped since long, but it takes times to clear world-wide inventories. A lot of customers prefer the 100-400 instead.

    I do not expect a direct successor. A new, improved 100-400 or 80-400 could please most customers. The freaks will go for the 2.8/400 anyway.

  2. 400/5.6 has been mostly out of stock since the release, along with a whole bunch of other models (yes, including the 50/1.4 for example). Just a normal result of total sales volume being low.

    If you need one just put your order up and wait for it, there’s no replacement in sight yet.

  3. agreed that “out of stock” means very little even if we want it too…
    in the usa there are fewer canon primes in stock than out of stock right now…

  4. This is the lens I have been waiting for its replacement for months !

    In my opinion, a new improved 100-400 does not cover the same need: it will be heavier and not as good as a prime could be. So I continue to hope it will be replaced: it is the first on my buying list !

  5. Using the 100-400 now, but I want more sharpness. Allover you can read the praising stories about how incredibly sharp the 400 5.6L is. It makes me want to have a prime like that, but I want IS! I can’t do without IS anymore after getting used to it on the 100-400. I don’t like lugging around tripods/monopods.

    The step to a 500 f4 is just too steep pricewise and de 300 f4 + 1.4x drops the quality back to 100-400 level (or so they say).

    I hope Canon sees an opportunity here. A 400 or 500 f5.6L IS please!! No other brand has that either.

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