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EOS 7D Manual Online

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From Canon USA
You can now download the manual and pocket guide for the upcoming 7D.

Download Here:….

thanks Joel


83 responses to “EOS 7D Manual Online”

  1. wow..kudos to testing 7D AF fully and confirming the results. RG has done a preview already. Go read it.

  2. If you want a fool proof upgrade path with canon, stick to non EF-S lens(non crop). unless you really need ultra wide on a crop body.

  3. Having read the manual, it seems that there is no custom function to adjust the frames per second like there is on the 1 series cameras.

    I like to adjust them to 8fps and 5fps as the slower setting and i know i’m not the only one doing that. Seems like an odd thing to leave out.

  4. You’re an idiot – the only person that thought it was funny was you. Sounds like you are overcompensating for that thimble you call a schlong (cue the “oh yeah, your Momma”).

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