Our first
So here is our first review of a camera.

The review is simple and to the point. There is nothing scientific about what I've done. I'm basically giving you my opinion of the camera and what I noticed after a couple of days shooting with it. There are lots of places around the web that will give you insane amounts of samples and tests.

I'm trying to convey what you'll experience when you walk into a retail store and try the camera out for 10 minutes and what to pay attention to.

I will update the review over time and I'll look to improve the flow of it.

There is now a new button on the menu for mini reviews. The 7D is now there.


Do check the part about the 8fps, I'm sure this “issue” is going to come up a lot. Thanks to Dan Carr for his insight on the matter.

7D's in the USA
I have confirmation that Adorama is now shipping 7D's.


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