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Apparently Adobe and Canon are teaming up for some kind of secure PDF thingy for copiers. Sweet…. I guess, maybe?

I think this is a Japanese translation.

Press Release
Canon Inc. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, Canon or less) and Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: San Jose, Calif., Adobe Systems below) is aiming to achieve a high level of security of electronic documents in an office environment, Document agreed to continue to collaborate in the global sales activities in the field.

Canon and Adobe Systems Inc., since 2005, for the purpose of realization of an efficient document workflow, and enhance collaboration of both products has been promoting high-quality solutions.

This collaborative effort, electronic document security system for Adobe “Adobe ® LiveCycle ™ Rights Management ES (following” LCRM “)” and Canon copiers “imageRUNNER ADVANCE (Advance runner image under” iR-ADV ” ) “※ series about sales activity in the whole world together, that we are providing strong security for electronic documents in an office environment.

This document was generated from the computer, ranging from electronic documents from paper, as well as to comprehensively reduce the risk of confidential information is improperly handled, can improve business productivity be.

Under the collaboration, Canon and Adobe, government agencies and local governments, and existing large companies spread around “LCRM” the user “iR-ADV” to introduce a series, users of Canon copiers for the “LCRM” and recommended the introduction of each, “iR-ADV” series and “LCRM” Document will strengthen the provision of a combination.

However, in Japan “LCRM” introduction and system development and related products to customers will be responsible Adobisoryushonpatona Kiyanonsofutouea Corporation.

Canon and Adobe use and promotion of enhanced security and information will continue to provide high-value, collaborative environment to maximize efficiency in operations related to document the evolution of business and customer development, growth We intend to contribute to.



  1. I know a copier nerd at my work and he’s so excited about it he’s gonna sell his old copier to get the new one.

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