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Firmware: Canon EOS R5 v1.2.0

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Canon has released a big firmware update for the Canon EOS R5. This firmware update does not add the promised features such as 1080p 120 or C-Log 3.

Firmware Version 1.2.0 incorporates the following enhancements and fixes:

  1. When using high-speed or low-speed continuous shooting modes, in Drive Mode with [High-Speed Display: OFF], the visibility of the subject within the frame has been improved when shooting moving objects.*
    *During continuous shooting black frames will be inserted between frames in the viewfinder and live view. This will improve the visibility of moving subjects in live view and in the viewfinder.
  2. Adds the [Auto] setting to the [Viewfinder brightness] menu that will brighten and dim based on ambient light conditions.
  3. Enables 2nd curtain shooting sync during radio transmission wireless flash shooting when the Speedlite EL-1 flash is attached to the camera.
  4. Enables manual flash output (excluding high-speed sync and optical transmission wireless flash shooting) to be selected and set up to 1/8192 from the camera menu screen when the Speedlite EL-1 flash is attached to the camera.
  5. Improves compatibility of HEIF images recorded in the camera with MIAF (Multi-Image Application Format) standards.
  6. Adds support for AF and release during zoom operations for some RF and EF lenses.

Download firmware v1.2.0 for the Canon EOS R5


Oct 15, 2011
Osaka, Japan
Great! Looking forward to see what's improved. I never did update to 1.1.1. Still anxious for the feature update, whenever that drops.

Andy Westwood

CR Pro
Dec 10, 2016
A nice update I hope the roll one out firmware updates for the R6 soon also

[Edit] Silly me I didn't notice the post below R6 has an update too - yippee :)
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Aug 11, 2020
Bit disappointed about the lack of 1080p 120 or C-Log 3 and possibly 4K RAW etc, but still seems like a nice update.

Been running 1.1.1 until now and most of the bugs (FW freezes in my case) were fixed. Also havn't seen any overheating warnings for more than 8 weeks event for the same types of shoots where I've used to have them.

EVF goes to "AUTO" after the update automatically.

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 13.56.12.png


CR Pro
Aug 24, 2017
I assume 1.2.0 is a cumulative update (i.e., includes 1.1.1)?


Aug 5, 2020
Still hopelessly waiting for that C-Log 3, Canon Cinema RAW Light and may be a better solution for overheating. A reliable hybrid for my type of work is essential!
RAW over HDMI for C70 would also be nice to see, for it to compete with FX6. Or a full frame RF-mount cinema camera with C70-style body and specs.
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CR Pro
Sep 2, 2018
Kentucky, USA
I assume 1.2.0 is a cumulative update (i.e., includes 1.1.1)?
It will have all the latest updates.

But I think the notes say you should have 1.1.1 before doing the update.
You should check to make sure. They do have the previous versions in case you need them.

EDIT: I've been told that others have updated from much older versions to the latest version with no problems.
They've also dared to not first set the camera to "P" mode as they say to do, and it works, too.
Geez, why can't Canon make updating easier than this??? :rolleyes:
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