5D mk4 focusing issues


Jan 16, 2013
Hi, I’ve had a few focus problems so far which in;Oates before about with my 5D4 , but those were tracking walking people / models and have learn now to get the focus tracking on earlier than I think / used to do with other 5D series .
And a basic AMFA adjustments - which often I have to do for each distance scenario on the fly at a job.

But latest one is crazy , shooting a still life , whisky bottles and the focus on one shot mode is really unreliable.
I am shooting it f2 on mainly 85 f1.2L and 135 f2L and 50 1.2 L lenses .
Room light + modelling lights. Labels are slightly metallic , but plenty of high contrast detail for it to grab focus on.
And it’s not doing that consistently.
I never used to have to check focus in situations like this. Or the variation would be really subtle , so I’d shoot 3 shots and use the best one , but even the worst four one was totally acceptable.
Now I have to shoot 5 to 10 shots to get one in perfect focus , and sometimes more!

So each shot on the same spot in one shot mode is a different focus , some times inches out , I have to shoot several shots to get one in perfect focus .
Even doing AMFA calibration is unreliable as , I cannon guarantee a basic static focus start point to work from to gauge any AMFA adjustment.

Has anyone else having problems with their 5D 4?

Now I’d better add I’m a professional photographer of 15 years , I know what I’m doing , and limitations , and shoot quite technically , so please don’t ask / state the obvious .
Everything I’m doing is right by previous cameras and situations and not been a problem.


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Mar 25, 2011
Are you using live autofocus or phase detect? The phase detect sensor can get dust on it, causing erratic focusing, or a host of other issues. I'd have Canon work on it, something is wrong, mine is fine.
BTW, try live PDAF and see if it works. That might narrow things down a bit.