New Tilt-Shifts in 2014, Other EF Lenses in 2013 [CR2]


Oct 18, 2012
You guys better start saving your greenbacks,next years is gonna be very tempting for canon users.... :)


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Jun 17, 2013
New maybe the price of the current ones will go down...maybe something along the lines of what's happening with the EOS-M these days.

A guy can dream...can't he?


Apr 24, 2013
I dont see that a 45 or 90 TS lenses will have as much utility as they need. Sure, being able to tilt the plane of sharp focus is useful but at 45mm, this will not have much use asd it would for say a 24/28/35 TS would be.

My Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 PC lens works well in stop down mode, and if I were rigorous enough to need tilt, I would probably go right into a view camera again for absolute control.


Jun 11, 2011
A fast quality 50mm and Canon will have my money. Ideally a 50L f/1.4. IS is not important to me for this one.


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Jul 19, 2011
neuroanatomist said:

One prime and one zoom? Maybe the zoom will be a UWA (14-24/2.8)? Perhaps a 50mm f/2 IS?
Would love to see this zoom and a decent normal lens. I got my Sigma 35mm so, a lot of us will have no interest in an overpriced 35L. I guess for those where weather-sealing is truly a "must".
Would be great to see a high quality 50mm f/1.4 that was somewhere near reasonably priced.


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Apr 28, 2013
Smart money would be on a new 100-400L. Given the (hopefully) 7d II release timeframe, one would think another pro-caliber sports zoom would be released.

Cause no offense... I'd personally prefer to not having to drop 10-13K on that new 200-400, for my hobby.

A new 50 prime would be exciting, too.
As a longtime tilt-shift and studio monorail view camera user, I love my current 90mm TS-E, which is nearly flawless optically "as is." About the only things that could significantly improve it would be better anti-reflection coatings, independent rotation of tilt and shift functions - as in the current 17mm and 24mm versions, and bigger beefier control and locking knobs. That said, I probably won't rush to replace my current 90mm lens. My old 24mm TS-E is another matter.

There are two TS-E lenses I really want/need for my type of work, at least one of which I will purchase this year: 1) the 17mm f/4.0 and 2) the 24mm f/3.5 version II. Aside from these two, I would love to have a 135mm f/4.0 TS-E for product work, with near macro capabilities. This longer focal length would go a long way to cement the market for Canon among studio shooters who formerly migrated from large format film to medium format digital backs on view and technical cameras because of the availability of larger image circle type view-camera-like "digital" lenses from Schneider and Rodenstock. With the now supposedly soon-to-come very large megapixel full-frame camera arriving this year or next, Canon would have a shot of eating into that professional market with just another very high quality TS-E lens or two. A TS-E lens longer than 90mm would give these shooters a way to reduce perspective distortion in many product images, such as in automotive and other larger object photography, as well as in ordinary table-top set-ups. Anything from 120mm to about 180mm would be great; I just picked 135mm as a practical and well-worn focal length. In fact, a 120 to 180 f/4.0 - or even a variable aperture f/4.0-f/5.6 - TS-E zoom would be amazing. All this aside, I imagine Canon will most likely just produce the more pedestrian choice - 35mm f/2.8 TS-E. Well, there's always hope, isn't there?


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Nov 7, 2010
Sheffield, UK
Given the refreshed range of none L primes, I'm expecting a 50mm f2.0 IS pretty soon. I'm also expecting a new 100-400mm zoom this year, it must be the oldest yet best selling white lens out there... I'm expecting no change in f along with Hybrid IS - plus a 75% price hike :-/