On ice medal/team celebration lens choice for hockey?

Hello all,

Going to be shooting a medal game for hockey and wondering if I should bring a second lens for right after the game on the ice for the team photo/celebrations/portraits with medals on ect...

Gear I have available:
1dx mark ii + 70-200 2.8L iii (main setup ill use for the game)

Lenses I can swap too after:

24mm 1.4 Sigma Art
50mm 1.2L
85mm 1.4L IS
16-35 2.8L iii

- I wont know till once im on the ice where the players will end up for the team shots
- I dont know where ill be able to take photos from

Ideally id just have a second body with the 24/50/16-35 on it but don't have that opportunity today.

Thanks for any insight.


Feb 14, 2017
24mm 1.4 Sigma Art << 1.4 is not needed for a team shot due to being too narrow DOF and 24mm is covered below
50mm 1.2L << 50 is not all that far from 70 in the big scheme of things and don't need f1.2.
85mm 1.4L IS << 85mm is already covered by the 70-200
16-35 2.8L iii << the 35 to 70 gap is easily covered by not much forward/back movement on your part and includes the 24mm above. I vote this is the choice although you'd probably use it at 35 as of course 16 makes people on the edge look weird. Do you have a 35 F2? (Easier to carry)