Show your Bird Portraits

Jack Douglas

CR for the Humour
Apr 10, 2013
Alberta, Canada
Thanks click.

Alan, it's good to hear your words because I really wonder/worry about everything except having it there would be my greatest pleasure and not probably my greatest regret. I recall long ago in Peru wondering if gear was safe even in a reputable hotel. We had one theft when we were told we had to deposit our bag in a "secure" location upon entering a store. The camcorder was like a ball and chain on a convict, but used lots.

So, I take the 1DX2, 400, both extenders and then only the 24-70 leaving behind 11-24, 70-200 and the video Zhiyun gimbal and camera tripod?? I'm pretty stunned by the smooth 4k video I can produce walking around with the gimbal but it's another travel case.

Lovely eagle. Did you do anything other than photography there?;)



"The equipment that matters, is you"
Apr 30, 2017
Very nice photos in the last postings!
My hike today started bad - no (interesting) birds, later some low clouds came above to make the light even worst. On my descending from the top (4h later and ~30 min. before the rain come) - look what happen: Erckel's Francolin!
Francolinus erckelii - Erckel's Francolin 2.jpg
Francolinus erckelii - Erckel's Francolin 3.jpg
I see this bird firs time in my life!!! Bad light and very low speeds but I feel happy!


"The equipment that matters, is you"
Apr 30, 2017
Thanks Click - I see this bird first time in my live! I forgot to mention: it's a female, males have two (sharp) spurs on each leg (I don't know any other easy differences between the sexes).


Mar 7, 2018
African fisheagle - two views, the second inspired by the above from Arun..
Very nice shot Alan! I like the 1st photo, but it is a good thing that you are taking some inspiration from others and at least trying to follow their techniques! Really appreciated. (y)