Speedlite 600 EX-RT with Canon 5D Mk 4?


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sanj said:
Interesting thread. Buying a flash to control the 600 ex-rt seems to be the smart option. That way I can have 2 flashes for the price of 600 and the controller.

Question pls: What is the smallest flash I can buy to put on 5d4 that will control the 600? This way I can use the small flash independently for family/casual photos...
The 600 EX-RT functions in master and slave mode, so you need another one to control the off camera flash.

Downside is that one flash has to be on camera or have a pc cord.



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Jan 29, 2011
sanj said:
Will Canon 600 rt II trigger Elinchrom lights? Can anyone Kindly educate? Thank you.
Only in dumb optical mode so the 600 would have to be in manual. The Elinchrome Hi-Sync does not integrate with the Canon HSS system.