Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT replacement coming soon [CR2]

Del Paso

M3 Singlestroke
Aug 9, 2018
"Yeah, tough luck. But they didn’t do that to spite you."

But they do spite me. They could give update-price for A1-clients.

"Old news. They fixed that with the A1X. "

Too late for me. At 1000 bucks I am precise and meticulous. Profoto told me all is so super perfect and I took her at her word. But everything wasn't perfect, otherwise she wouldn't have released the update after such a short time.

" Can you specify where the incompatibility manifests? "

I don't have the A1x. I don't risk buying it as long as my camera isn't on the compatibility list. I wrote to Profoto Sweden, they reply that they are working on it, I've been waiting for 7 months.
Everything worked fine with my old camera, except for the problems with the magnets and the loose head mount when changing formats quickly.
Now with the 1DX III my old A1 works, but does not flash constantly in series mode. I think the 16 or 20 frames / second are too fast.
I don't know how the new A1x will work.
Whenever I had to deal with a Swedish company (POC, for instance, Hasselblad etc...) via email, either I didn't get an answer, or got the useless "standard" one (contact your dealer...).
I'm writing about very specific questions, only the manufacturer can usually answer.
Their email behaviour is somehow, I got used to contacting local or international importers instead, hoping for a usable info.
But do not misunderstand me: I really like Sweden, and the Swedes are some of the nicest people on earth!
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