Update to 4:4:4/4:2:2 Codec for Canon and other bodies


Jun 6, 2016
Last year (2017) I announced a project to create a custom Still Photos and Video CODEC for Canon and other camera bodies that has Full RAW and Compressed 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0, 4:1;1 sampling at 16-bit, 14-bit, 12-bit, 10-bit, 8-bit and 6-bits per colour channel or greyscale imagery using an almost noiseless and nearly-visually lossless image compression algorithm. After a period of many months, a third party became VERY interested in our system after my current employer made sure that me using company gear allowed them to say that money was to be made out of my originally MEANT-TO-BE-FREE codec.

I actually have no problem with my employer doing what he did because in the end we all benefited. The current project code name is Wave-8 and basically is very similar to generic Wavelet but with some added features and abilities. Patent-wise we have avoided all patent claims in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, etc since we have based our technology SPECIFICALLY upon expired intellectual property but implemented in a very appealing, user-friendly everything-and-the-kitchen-sink package.

TODAY, you get to see the final test image results of all that programming that has NO RESTRICTIONS on frame rate, no restrictions on colour depth and no restrictions on bit-rate. YOU THE END USER get to choose what you want to record and save including advanced pre-defined and user-defined-and-added realtime metadata for every video frame/still photo or every user-specified Nth Video frame or group of photos.

There is no image-size restrictions and the system is pre-defined and OPTIMIZED for the following video resolutions and COMMON Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Leica Still photo resolutions and the still photo and moving video resolutions can be sampled from the FULL FRAME or via a simple centre-crop as specified by YOU the user! The resize algorithms used are one of Lanczos-5, Lanczos-3, Sin-C, Bicubic, Bilinear, 2x, 4x and 8x super-sampling.

All major time-lapse, broadcast video and cinema frame rates are supported from 1 frame per day, hour, minute, second to 10 fps, 15 fps, 23.976 fps, 24 fps, 25 fps, 29.97 fps, 30 fps, 50 fps, 59.98, 60 fps, 100 fps, 120 fps, 240 fps, 300 fps, 480 fps, 500 fps, 600 fps, 960 fps, 1000 fps, 1200 fps, 2000 fps up to TRILLIONS of of fps for scientiffic imaging. This codec is DESIGNED for still photos, broadcast video, Hollywood cinema and broadcast video integral and fractional frame rates, time lapse, nano-scale-to-cosmic-scale scientific imaging and astrophotography.

DCI Still Photo and Video Resolutions (in pixels):
1.89:1 Aspect Ratio:
131072 x 69120
65536 x 34560
32768 x 17280
16384 x 8640
8192 x 4320
4096 x 2160
2048 x 1080
1024 x 540
512 x 270
256 x 135

HDTV 16:9 Still Photo and Video
Aspect Ratio Resolutions:
122880 x 69120
61440 x 34560
30720 x 17280
15360 x 8640
7680 x 4320
3840 x 2160
1920 x 1080
1280 x 720
960 x 540
640 x 360
480 x 270
240 x 135

SDTV and VESA Still Photo and Video Resolutions:
4:3 and 3:2 Aspect Ratios
1600 x 1200
1440 x 960
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768
800 x 600
720 x 576 NTSC and PAL SDTV
756 x 486 OTHER SDTV
720 x 480
640 x 480
360 x 240
320 x 240
180 x 120
160 x 120

Square Still Photo and Video
Aspect Ratios:
131072 x 131072
65536 x 65536
32768 x 32768
16384 x 16384
8192 x 8192
4096 x 4096
2048 x 2048
1024 x 1024
512 x 512
256 x 256
128 x 128

3:1 Ultra Wide Still Photo and Video
Aspect Ratios:
393216 x 131072
196608 x 65536
98304 x 32768
49152 x 16384
24576 x 8192
12288 x 4096
6144 x 2048
3072 x 1024
1536 x 512
768 x 256
384 x 128

Cinema 2.4:1 Anamorphic
Still Photo and Video Aspect Ratios:
314572 x 131072
157286 x 65536
78644 x 32768
39322 x 16384
19660 x 8192
9830 x 4096
4916 x 2048
2458 x 1024
1228 x 512
614 x 256
308 x 128

8:1 Aspect Ratios
for 360 degree Surround-View
Still Photo and Video (requires 8-cameras).
using Front/Back/Left/Right cameras and
45 degrees/135 degrees/225 degrees/315 degrees angled cameras.
Each camera will use a separate CPU/GPU thread for playback/recording:
1048576 x 131072
524288 x 65536
262144 x 32768
131072 x 16384
65536 x 8192
32768 x 4096
16384 x 2048
8192 x 1024
4096 x 512
2048 x 256
1024 x 128

AND....Multiple Still Photo Resolutions Common to Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, Leica, Hasselblad, Phase-One, etc.

We have built-in LIVE REAL-TIME RGBA and YCbCrA colour corrections, hue-saturation-luminance, and Highlights/Midtones/Shadows control and support for 3D-XYZ distance-from-lens / 3D-Depth and Alpha Transparency channels in 32 bits per pixel and 64 bits per pixel modes. We have a real-time edge-detection output channel which save BOTH the live video and any still photos AND a SOBEL 2D-XYZ edge detection map into your still photo image, video file AND/OR external communications port. We also support realtime Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) filtering that outputs multi-colour thermal/heat maps and green-scale or grey-scale nightvision imaging on a separate data channel that is output to the container file and/or external communications port. Separate resolutions, frame rates and bit-depths can be sent to different files, hard drives, external ports as specified by the end-user in real-time.

We offer built-in real-time digital zoom at 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 8x, 10x, 16x, 32x and 64x zoom ratios using high quality image resize algorithms (note: this is hardware speed dependent!). Realtime noise reduction, anti-aliasing (or not!), overall image sharpen, edges-only-enhancement, unsharp mask and alpha-channel-based user-defined and preset cookie-cutout Bitmap overlay masks are supported in real-time depending upon processor speed.

We support mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.2, 10.2, and 24/48/96/128 channel sound at 8/16/20/24/32 bits per audio sample at 4, 8, 12, 16, 32, 44.1, 48, 88, 96, 192 KHz up to 5 MHz audio sampling rates saved into the files or sent out to the external communications ports with real-time resampling and waveform anti-aliasing.

We support multiple metadata fields such as GPS Lat/Long/Elevation/Depth, 2D-XYZ/3D-XYZ Orientation/Rotation/Velocity, 2D-XY/3D-XYZ Relative and Absolute Position, True Heading, Compass Heading, Course-Over-Ground (COG), Speed-Over-Ground (SOG), Calendar Date/Clock Time, SMPTE Timecode, audio-waveform-overlay, Live Bitmap and Vector-based Moving Map overlays with AIS (Augmented Information System) and Flight/Submersible/Space-oriented metadata overlays burned right into the video at a user specific transparency level, and/or embedded as separate metadata tracks!

A live blue-screen and green-screen chroma keyer and luminance keyer/alpha channel is built-in with edge smoothing and a user-specified drop shadow addition to the foreground objects.

All codec and camera functions such as iris, focus, optical/servo zoom and digital zoom functions, plus image enhancement/antialiasing, vectorscope, luminance waveform monitoring, RGB/YCbCr Parade monitoring is available in realtime and controllable by USB-2/3 or wireless command codes from your smartphone.

See the following images to show you the TYPE OF VISUAL QUALITY you will get! Anti-aliasing AND image-enhancement can be turn-off or turned-on AT WILL at ANYTIME via menu option or USB/Wireless command from your smartphone/laptop/desktop.

I have posted the 2k, 4k, 8k and 16k resolution images in uncompressed PNG format for your pixel-peeping desires.
These uncompressed images were decompressed from the original Wave-8 Still Photo and Moving Video CODEC.
The contents of each image came from various still and video cameras and collaged together at the specified test resolutions.

You will especially notice a very cinematic-looking noise profile AND the impressive sharpness on edges such as found on fonts, lines and curves!
On Canon 5D Mk4 and Canon 1Dx Mk2 you will get DCI 4k (4096 by 2160) at 60 fps even on that cheap 750 MHz to 1 GHz to 1.5 GHz ARM-cortex M4/A4 based DIGIC CPU they use.

Either click on the web links below (hosted on our website) or cut and paste the web links into your browser's address bar.

2048 by 1080 pixel PNG format Still Image from Wave-8 CODEC compressed result:

4096 by 2160 pixel PNG format Still Image from Wave-8 CODEC compressed result:

8192 by 4380 pixel PNG format Still Image from Wave-8 CODEC compressed result:

16384 by 8760 pixel PNG format Still Image from Wave-8 CODEC compressed result:


See how much reduced blockiness and noise there is over JPEG/JPEG-2000 compression formats!

I will also release a Windows/Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android plug-in so you can read the new Wave-8 format on your favorite image editing and video editing applications.
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Jun 6, 2016
AND.... very soon now, a VERY SPECIAL SERIES OF GLOBAL SHUTTER MIRRORLESS APS-C (4k/8K video) , Full Frame (4k/8K video) and Medium Format (50 Megapixel 4k/8k video and 100+ megapixel stills) Combined Stills/Video cameras will be introduced to the general market that incorporates ALL of the above features WITH ABSOLUTELY NO image/video resolution or frame rate restrictions and NO EXTRA LICENCING FEES on your purchase will be required AT ALL!

Buy Once and you get ALL of the above at very competitive price points to current still photo/video camera systems !!!

For the rest of you with current still photo and video camera bodies, as much of the features as possible will be made available in the menu options but the processing speed of your current system will determine what menu items/features are greyed-out or are made available for use in realtime.
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Jan 28, 2015
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It must be safe and must be real..... after all, he can get 16384 by 8760 pixel images from a DSLR......

On a related note, canabis is now legal in Canada....
Cannabis doesn't do that to you. Pounding away at the keyboard would be too much work. However, I once met a guy who had a meth habit...


Mar 2, 2012
I'm not clicking his links...
I clicked. Morbid curiosity gets the better of me sometimes.

It’s a grid of six images that look like they were assembled with drop shadows in MS PowerPoint.

What I’m intended to gather about the mythical Harryfilm video codec from a collage of stills saved to a PNG file is beyond me.
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Jun 6, 2016
It must be safe and must be real..... after all, he can get 16384 by 8760 pixel images from a DSLR......

On a related note, canabis is now legal in Canada....

Where in my text did I say ANYWHERE that the Canon 1D/5D can do 16k imagery?

On the Canons, my codec does DCI 4k 60 fps only BUT the codec itself and the WAVE-8 file container format itself can support MUCH HIGHER 2D-XY/3D-XYZ resolutions, much higher video frame rates, higher colour sampling bit-widths, faster audio sample rates and more audio channels! Up to 128k x 128k 3D-XYZ imagery if you have the requisite hardware!

The CODEC ITSELF supports those resolutions because I wanted a future-proof codec that can support scientific imaging which needs much higher performance than typical consumer use! Specifically, I have TESTED IN THE REAL WORLD a Canon 5DMk4 and a Canon 1D Mk2 and have obtained 4096 x 2160 pixels at 60 fps at up to 14 bits per channel 4:4:4 RAW and 12 bits per channel 4:2:2 INTERFRAME compressed which means you get a lot of video on a small card! The Canon C200/C300 cameras were ALSO tested at 60 fps DCI 4k 14-bits 4:4:4 and up to 14-bits 4:4:4 compressed interframe (the onboard DSP's are only 14 bits output so anything higher is a waste)

The image you saw in PNG format are DeCOMPRESSED versions of files that were ORIGINALLY COMPRESSED using my Wave-8 Compression format.
This Wave-8 CODEC is mathematically super-efficient so I can NOW get 60 fps DCI 4k (4096 x 2160 ) on many CURRENT stills and video cameras made by various manufacturers! I'm using lots of lookup tables to avoid any fixed point/floating point math. I use pure integer/bitwise math on the DIGIC chips which are NOT fast or efficient chips, so my processing algorithms need to be TOP-NOTCH. A Canon DIGIC chip is NOT a high-performance Qualcomm SnapDragon 835/845 cpu chip like what you typically see in a modern smartphone, so getting that sort of 60 fps 4K performance from a DIGIC was a COMPLETE SLOG of a programming problem that took MANY MONTHS to see through and fix!

I took the original images which show colourful and sharp-edged image content in various styles that are common to most still photo shooting for professional and consumer use. These images were composited in Corel Photopaint and then exported as uncompressed RGBA-64 pixel files which were THEN imported into my Wave-8 CODEC and then compressed to Wave-8 format which I then saved again as standard web-format PNG still images so the average person can pixel-peep at the original resolution on their web browser and STILL BE ABLE to see any artifacts and noise that were introduced during the Wave-8 compression process.

The files are TOO LARGE to be displayed on the CanonRumors website so I put them on our own website. These PNG files are compatible with all modern browsers for your pixel-peeping pleasure! Take a look at the LACK of artifacts and the almost film-like grain in the shadows. The images are very cinematic looking, sharp-edged and colourful!

The compression ratios for Wave-8 are comparable to or nearly the same as JPEG-2000 ...BUT...the resulting image quality is quite a bit higher since I take advantage of common artistic rules and cinematography rules to compress specific portions of an image at different rates and using different "compression vectors". I went for keeping overall image sharpness and enhanced colour rendition which means THE WAVE-8 CODEC BLOWS AWAY the Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Lieca, Hasselblad, Phase-One, etc JPEG codecs in overall image quality at a comparable compression ratio!

There are ABSOLUTE LIMITS to wavelet compression but I think I did very well and after I noted to the 3rd party that I've been using their Global Shutter cameras since the 1990's, THEY AGREED to make an up-to-16-bit RAW 4:4:4 and up-to-16-bit 4:4:4 Interframe Compressed colour sampling, 60 fps DCI 8k (8192 x 4320) / 120 fps DCI 4k (4096 x 2160) / 240 fps (2048 x 1080) APS-C, Full Frame AND 50 and 100 megapixel Medium Format series of COMBINED Stills and Video cameras which will be sold at competitive price points. I ENSURED that the CMOS sensors would ALL be GLOBAL SHUTTER (i.e. NO MORE rolling shutter!), with high sensitivity (high ISO capability with little noise) and where ALL lower 4k/2k resolutions are full-frame-sampled from the entire sensor! I also ENSURED that NO EXTRA codec licencing fees would be added onto the cameras for professional cinema/broadcast use! You Buy Once and Get ALL the features right away! They Agreed AND they ABSOLUTELY WILL DELIVER what has been promised!
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Jun 6, 2016
You’re nothing if not consistent

Bummer! That was DEFINITELY a mistake! I'll get the web admin to fix that...thanks for pointing out that wrong 2008 year (which should be 2018 but will get changed to 2019 because we're so close to the end of the year now!)

We've actually been working on our Virtual Supercomputing project (i.e. Automatic Multi-Platform Grid Processing) for a while now and since there's only a few people at this location, we have to make do with the resources we've got. This means that most of my stuff IS LATE in coming to market/fruition! At least i've got access to all that fancy Hollywood Cinema-level Canon/Sony/Red/Fuji/Zeiss/Leica/Hasselblad/Phase-One/Schneider-Kreuztnach camera and lens gear for testing though!

Anyways, the INSANELY GREAT HARDWARE STUFF is coming real soon now with my WAVE-8 CODEC built-in and the rest of you will get something interesting too software-wise.....


Jun 6, 2016
I have a number of products/projects on the go....

The Wave-8 CODEC (Compressor/Decompressor) allows still photo cameras, broadcast video and Hollywood cinema cameras, scientific imaging systems, smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, desktop web cameras and other imaging devices (i.e. nightvision) to stuff a really nice, high-quality, beautifully colour-rendered, nearly noiseless image into a very small amount of SD-card or hard drive storage space at a high rate of speed (i.e. 4k/8k resolution at a high FPS greater than 60 fps). This means it has become a VERY VALUABLE PRODUCT which is WHY at the end of all this I get to buy a BRAND NEW Bell 429 Chopper to use as my daily driver!

The demo images on our website are DECOMPRESSED versions of the Wave-8 compression output saved as web browser-compatible PNG files so you can pixel peep to your heart's desire! The output image quality of the Wave-8 CODEC is INSANELY GREAT since it is nearly at the same compression ratio as JPEG-2000 images but MUCH BETTER FINAL IMAGE QUALITY !!!

Some other bunch of eggheads liked what they saw and said GIMME! Before that, I made them promise to introduce "New Hardware Stuff" with all the new features of my codec built-in. It is HIGHLY LIKELY that you will BUY that product because you get a load of value for the money! I will then, after a few months of your wonderful financial contributions to my bottom line, buy myself a BRAND NEW Bombardier Global Express 9000 Business Jet which will become my new home! I will then climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, dive in a sub to the Titanic, visit the International Space Station and have a Cup of Tea, Earl Grey, Hot with Her Majesty The Queen of England and then drink an entire bottle of B.C. Ice Wine at the South Pole wearing nothing but my underwear and a pair of Crocs!

After all that, I will fixate upon getting Cold Fusion to a portable workable form AND making a working Warp Drive engine.


AND NO I AM NOT KIDDING on all that stuff I currently am and will be doing....!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well you certainly won't be taking tea with the "Queen of England" that title hasn't existed for over 300 years.
But I'm sure you'll manage everything else :sleep:


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I just don't understand why anyone would go to the trouble of writing all this (I didn't read it, my time is more precious, though the 137 gigapixel thing caught my eye). Like... is attention such an intoxicating drug that you'd say anything to get it, even if it comes in the form of ridicule? Anyway, I know some people think it's harmless fun but I consider this essentially spamming the forum and think admin should stop these threads being created (but they probably geerate clicks which is all that mattes so I won't hold my breath).


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Well you certainly won't be taking tea with the "Queen of England" that title hasn't existed for over 300 years.
But I'm sure you'll manage everything else :sleep:
Remember, Harry is a prophet and he can foresee the break up of the UK into its constituent components because of Brexit, with our Queen being just the Queen of England and perhaps Canada as well.


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I would have thought so if the domain hadn’t been registered in 2005.

It looks like a 2008 website.
Your being kind, it looks more like one of those old dodgy super 8 to CD menus!