Was the 1D X an annoucement a rush job?


Dec 6, 2011
JR said:
My personal benchmark for the 1DX ISO performance would be to compare it to the new Nikon D4, which is apparently 1 stop better then the D3s.
From what I have gathered so far, D4 is not necessarily 1 stop better in low light performance, but better in dynamic range and the details there in. If so, that is quite a bit of an achievement.

I hope, for Canon's sake and for competition, that 1Dx approaches what D3s already does and competes with D4.


Aug 3, 2011
photogaz said:
I can't help think Canon heard about Nikon's D4 and decided to go in early and announce their camera far earlier than were originally going to do so.
This interview (translation) is with the 1D X engineers from Japan. They admit to their consideration of Nikon, Olympics, and pro customers.

"... Timing of the 1D X announcement was to quell questions about the 1Ds replacement and to warn pros before the Olympics, and in consideration of Nikon, which they consider to be their biggest competitor when it comes to pros..."