A few Canon EOS R5 Mark II specifications [CR2]

The lack of Styx-dipping invulnerability in that spot is what led to Achilles’ demise. Somehow, I don’t think the lack of a 60+ MP camera spells doom for Canon. Oh, wait…you think there’s an arrow named Sony out there, right?

I must have missed when Canon made that promise. Do you have a link or reference for that?

Or are you of the belief that because you want something or something has been discussed on the internet, that comprises a promise from the manufacturer to deliver it?
Well, here you go:

This sensor was announced in 2015. And in 2018. they showcased a demo, pitting it against 5DmkIV.

So I must be crazy for thinking that in 2024. we can expect something higher than 45 megapixels...
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