A new EOS R system camera is coming in January [CR2]


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Jul 26, 2013
I agree. With the R3, R5 and R6, Canon has the upper level cameras very well covered, but the lower end models no longer stack up well against Nikon's offerings, in my opinion. While I liked the R, after I had a chance to use the Nikon Z5, I sold the R (and got more than I payed for the Z5). When I saw a good deal on a used Z7 I bought that, too. The cost for the two Nikons was about equal to the cost of a new R6. I know that - on the internet anyway and with the influencers - Nikon seems to be ignored or looked at negatively, but for someone who the R5 is just beyond their budget, I would totally recommend them. The RP does not compare well with the Z5. The RP, with it's older sensor tech, single card slot, no IBIS is a nice camera, but the better IQ of the Z5, with it's better sensor, is really quite noticeable. Similar comparisons can be made with the Canon R and the Nikon Z6, with the exception of the sensor IQ, which, in my opinion, is still slightly better with the Nikon, but probably not enough of a difference to matter.

I still have Canon glass, so I might be interested in lower priced Canon models moving forward, especially if they do bring out an APS-C camera which I would then pair with the new RF 100-400mm. The lightness of that lens totally interests me, but not so much on a FF camera. There are still things I like better about Canon (the articulating screen, the dust removal and curtain, the better AF) so I will be interested in what they do moving forward.
I'm too heavily invested in Canon to switch, but if I weren't I would seriously look at Nikon. I don't know why Nikon doesn't seem to get much love these days. I bought the RP a little over a year ago, and if I want to get a better sensor, better electronic viewfinder, faster FPS, IBIS, and more controls I have to spend two and a half times as much and take a decrease in resolution to get the R6, or spend four times as much to get the R5. The Z5 and Z6 II sound pretty attractive.


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Jul 21, 2010
I don't know, I only know that my 7D and R5 take the exact same batteries, which are not proper according to this thread.
The reference was to an ‘affordable’ MILC with I take to mean the RP and that uses the LP-E17, which has a much lower capacity than the LP-E6 series.
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Feb 25, 2015
The reference was to an ‘affordable’ MILC with I take to mean the RP and that uses the LP-E17, which has a much lower capacity than the LP-E6 series.
Ah, I missed the RP reference. When I had the RP, I would bring 4 batteries, one in the camera one 3 spare. On a morning of shooting I would get about 1500 shots using slightly less than 2 batteries. Unless I rented an EF100-400II, the IS of that drains batteries very, very quickly!
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