A new EOS R system camera is coming in January [CR2]


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Feb 26, 2012
Perhaps it will be an RF mount camera with an externally mounted flippy mirror that is the adapter for EF lenses.

To satisfy the folks who still want an OVF.

Del Paso

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Aug 9, 2018
Oh like Adobe.....something we all are outraged over yet still use. Hmmmmmm
I'm not even outraged -no longer.
My subscription costs me as much as 2-3 beers a month, or, if I'd smoke, 2 packs of cigarettes...
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Jul 26, 2020
Orewa , New Zealand
Perhaps it's a smartphone "case"with an adapter/RF mount built-in so you can use your iphone with a RF100-500 for example with a slight crop of about 20x ?

David - Sydney

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Dec 7, 2014
Wow! 10 pages already for posts on how easy it is to annoy us :cool:

My guess - similar to many - is a base model ILC body with no EVF a la Sigma fp
Not sure that it will really annoy the crowds except that it won't be a R5c or R1 or R7 etc
Many current R system users will buy for a backup potentially as well as new users
Only other thought is a R6a replacing the Ra which will be a lead balloon announcement for most of us here
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Jun 4, 2014
Entry level R series camera with another recycled sensor from the EOS 6D generation.


Feb 9, 2019
something with DXO Mark 100 then we will say like other brand ... score says it all :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


Feb 9, 2019
A camera with auto clicker...you take camera on hand and it will do auto focus/ auto adjustment/ auto mode / and takes picture automatically irrespective of what you know or dont know... hmm well better if it will print also automatically... oh yeah and auto post on youtube and insta ...all under $1000 please :LOL:


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Sep 3, 2019
Yeah, then we could have a whole new series of posts from people outraged about "renting" their cameras. (See innumerable whining posts about Adobe)
I'm a sporadic user of both my camera and my postprocessing software.

Having to rent either makes no economic sense to me. Fortunately, there are alternatives to Adobe.


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Sep 3, 2019
-It has too high FPS, so it will take days to sort through bazillions of images
So yeah, anyway, what I want is an R5s type camera, so that's obviously what most people want and clearly will be Canon's next release after the R3. ;)

Well, at least the too high FPS is just operator error, because they can just use a slower frame rate...oh wait, no they can't, not with the electronic shutter. [Yes, even though I don't use this mode I actually do think it's a legitimate gripe.]

As for the last, no, you're wrong. What you actually DO want will clearly NOT be what Canon releases next. :D


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Feb 12, 2015
As a macro shooter I benefit from the 1.6x crop of the Canon 80D. Being able to fill the frame with the critter, at lower magnification than using a full frame sensor, means I can shoot at lower mag and take advantage of some extra depth of field. Of course I could get the same effect by shooting full frame and cropping to a 1.6cx crop factor in post. But I do not want to drop about $4k on an R5, and the R6 does not have enough pixels (only about 7MP after cropping to a 1.6x factor). So I would like to see an APS-C, or even an APS-H, version of the R series.
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May 25, 2021
An R3 for 2000£ and I’ll make sure to create the controversy if that’s what they want. I’ll even sign a contract
On January is coming the Canon EOS 1R (or EOS FR1), so the evolution of the Canon EOS 1Dx Mark III, not a Canon EOS R1.

It uses two different viewfinders, an optical one and an electronic one. A new design inspired in the F1 with an ultra resistant body and the same sensor used in the EOS R3, so, with Ibis and EF mount, naturally.

Technical specifications like the EOS R3 and a new tilt screen detachable and usable in two different points (one close to the viewfinder and the other one in the left), the camera can work without the screen when the electronic viewfinder it is used. The screen can be used as smartphone too so an easy way to send files.

For more detailed information enter Wonderland ...


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May 8, 2015
EOS R mark II with new name, with focus bracketing and animal eye AF (y)(y)
I think you'll be disappointed. It would compete too closely with R6, so don't expect a Mkii R.
In any case, they could add focus bracketing and animal eye AF to the existing R, via firmware, if they wanted to.

More likely to be an ultra-cheap (below RP) model with minimal physical controls, allowing Canon to reclaim the "cheapest FF" prize.
Maybe a camera with an articulating screen but without an EVF?
Aug 19, 2016
"As always with rumors sites, my readers want to know what’s coming next, almost immediately.
I now know that an EOS R system camera is coming in January, and it may not be the EOS R5c. The EOS R5c has been rumored for quite some time, but I’m not sure whether or not it will be considered a Cinema EOS camera body from sources."

What does this mean? That the new camera coming in January may not be the rumoured R5C or it will actually be the rumoured R5C without the "C" mark?
Nov 16, 2013
How about they go full on vloggers and attack the zv-e10 with basically an EOS RP but without viewfinder/shutter, only 1 dial and a big fat record button on front ?
viewfinder available via the hotshoe?
Would also probably be interesting for streamers if it had USB3/3.2 connector, and a at least 1080p + power over USB (but looking at the r5 not having it, I think the ship as sailed on the webcam utility getting any better)
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Nov 2, 2020
Now that the R3 announcement hoopla is over, maybe we can get back to something more affordable; the new "R" system camera rumored for January. And perhaps just as important, the 18-45 lens that could be the smallest and lightest RF zoom yet. Something like Nikon's collapsible 24-50 Z series. Such a lens would make for a very compact FF package for the new R, or even the RP (which sorely lacks a truly small zoom to match it's handy size).
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