Adobe Reports Record Revenue in the Third Quarter


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Feb 16, 2017
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AlanF said:
You have strayed from the key point of the objections. If you decide to stop paying the ransom money to Adobe, you no longer have access to process your files. If you stop paying for Word, Excel or Powerpoint, you can buy a stand alone licence for your PC or Mac for far less than many hundred or a bazillion relative dollars and continue working. Or, you can process them free with readily available gratis software. That is the nub of the objections to the Adobe model.

Oh well, I guess we're back full circle. MY original objection was that the allegations that (a) Adobe is unique in having a subscription product and that (b) Adobe is extortive in its practices are both untrue.

1. There is clearly other subscription software that works at reduced or zero functionality upon expiry of the subscription. Those who cannot accept this live in a world of alternative facts.

2. After your license expires, you can still use pretty much everything other than Develop. That includes printing, viewing, and I think, exporting (I could be wrong). Regardless, you can still just click a checkbox and save everything as TIFF or PSD, with modifications in metadata, by default anyways. Or, you can use DNG.

I think it's an unrealistic expectation is that $10 a month software continues to work with 100% capabilities after you stop paying the company, but I guess that's just me.

I do get that the entire concept of subscription software really offends some people. If that's the case use something else for photography. In Photography, we are blessed with many alternatives. As Canon owners, we're doubly blessed with having DPP, which is a fine RAW converter and reasonable cataloguing program for free. In some ways, I personally think it's inferior to Lightroom (and certainly it's not a Photoshop replacement), but free is a good price.


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Aug 16, 2012
In totalitarian societies, there are those that vigorously support the tyrants, those that work within the system as the easiest way to survive, and those who join the resistance and fight for a better world. Same with tech giants. Vivre LibreOffice!