Affordable Wildlife Photo Lenses


EOS M6 Mark II
Dec 13, 2015
Hello I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations for a zoom lens that was up to 600mm for an R5. I have the EF 100-400 II but would like some additional reach for birds and other more rapidly moving wildlife. I didnt really see an advantage on the RF 100-500 with an f7.1 so I was trying to see if there were any other options others were using with the ability to focus rapidly and be sharp. Some of the reviews of the Sigma and Tamron lenses seemed to mention this, but I wasnt clear on how significant the issue was. I wanted something <2000 USD and more useable than a 7.1. I had hoped Canon would have done a 200-600mm f6.3 but alas no. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you.
I have a tamron ef 150-600 G2, which I use on an R5. Its ok, wouldn't rave about it. I understand from reading reviews your 100-400 II will out resolve my tamron at a 400 v 600 comparison.

I had a go in and outside a shop of the 800mm f11 canon and I recon my adapted tampon is faster to focus. Focus accuracy I can't compare. But suggest the tamron is probably better, but it is bigger.

The rf 100-500 is pretty sweet, but your existing lens is not far behind. Gordon Laing does a pretty good comparison of the two on YouTube.

To sum up, unless you spend buckets on a prime, you have already got a very good lens. Keep that.

On to the ISO points raised above, I have used my R5 at 12,800 plus additional shadow recovery and I think its very good. Especially now that @AlanF suggested DXO DeepPrime. I am having a go with he free trial of DXO Pure Raw, which can be used as a plugin to Lightroom and other apps and has DeepPrime built in and the results are remarkable.
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