Behind The Shot interviews Jeff Cable, to talk about using the EOS R3 in the real world

Different photographers have different needs. Everything Jeff Cable said made perfect sense from the point of view of a successful (and reasonably wealthy) professional photographer.

Professional sports and wildlife photographers will usually have access to ultra-expensive long primes such as 600mm F4 or 800mm F5.6. Combined with their need to process and transmit images rapidly, it makes sense the have a relatively low MP camera.

But for most amateurs, unless they are very wealthy, the reality is that they can’t afford these long primes - they are generally using shorter and more affordable lenses such as 100-400mm zooms, which necessitate the need for heavier cropping. Also amateurs in most cases just don’t have the close access that a press pass provides. So many would argue that more MP and more cropping is often the only solution.
This is a very good point.
General advice is that it is better to spend money on lenses than a camera.
At a certain point spending more on a camera is far more affordable.
Although an M6 Mark II would offer more reach than the R5 at a given resolution.
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I quite agree - many people probably don’t need high MP, and simply want the “latest and greatest” piece of kit, in the belief that it will magically improve their photography.
Some people are just spec chasers.
I doubt many people think buying the fastest car they can afford will improve their driving.
They just want the fastest car they can afford.
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Is it useful for exposure bracketting?
I what way? I don't exposure bracket unless I am going to be doing blending and that type of stuff isn't high volume. But you can very quickly scan through lots of bracketed images to select the optimal single exposure or choice of two or so exposures you want to then blend.

It's real strengths are the import speed and the speed that you can scroll through thousands of images and rate, keyword and caption images.
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