Best place to buy photographic equipment in the uk?



I recommend Castle Cameras based in the South. Really helpful people and family run business, they were very fair in price matching and did all they could to make sure they were good on price. No i dont work for them lol, and i do lots of research before spending.
Also check camera price buster, youll see Castle cameras are good on price also.


Has anybody already bought directly from any Ebay seller from Hong-Kong ?

What is your experience with duty tax ?


Jul 25, 2010
Figure on 20% for VAT, a random element for "handling fee", and possibly something for duty too. Some HK sellers offer to refund the customs fees if you get stung. Read the seller's small print. I've not been inclined to gamble it myself.


Jul 25, 2011
Mich said:
Has anybody already bought directly from any Ebay seller from Hong-Kong ?

What is your experience with duty tax ?
Expect to pay 4.2% duty + 20% VAT. on declared invoice value
I was invoiced by DHL months later so beware
Mich said:
Has anybody already bought directly from any Ebay seller from Hong-Kong ?

What is your experience with duty tax ?
Bought my first 2 L lenses from HK about 7 or 8 years ago. I was lucky as they marked the goods as samples and they had no VAT or anything attributed. I believe things are a lot stricter now, and the VAT man will charge you definitely duty and perhaps VAT even on 2nd hand goods!

But, the issue is then simply if you have any problems with the kit, it's a long way for the kit to have to go back... I'm sure the resellers are better now, but trying to get any communications was nigh impossible when I purchased.

I now use the states - either if I am traveling on business or through friends, but I probably go out there every 2 or 3 years so I guess I'm lucky ;)

I think especially on lenses, unless there is a compelling gap, then I would stick to EU companies, as it's easier to return them if you test (after focus calibration) and find the lens to be outside acceptable ranges...


traveller said:
wockawocka said:

Best place for price in the UK that I know is
Then it's HDEW cameras.

For anything other than cameras and lenses then Dale Photographic or Warehouse Express.
Has anyone else used procamerashop? Their prices look a little on the cheap side across the board, which always sets off alarm bells for me. I don't mean to slander them if they are genuine, but £899 for a 7D body? Most places sell them second hand for more than that!

Edit: I've looked at hdew cameras as well and they seem to be the same prices. Neither of these sites appear on Camera Price Buster; I don't know if this comparison site takes commission (which might explain this), but it seems a bit strange...
I bought my 8-15 fisheye from procamerashop. Someone mentioned that earlier and I decided to try it and I recommend it! Took 3 working days for delivery. I used their 3% off option as well. My new equipment shop :)


For new stuff I've either used WEX or Amazon, apart from my 550D body which I got from Creative Video when I bought my Sachtler tripod.

For S/H I've been using Ffordes, mostly Leica "R" glass.


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Mar 1, 2012
motorhead said:
I'm very lucky here in Salisbury having a good relationship with the manager and staff of Castle Cameras. I know they will never be as cheap as the web based businesses, but value the honest advice and friendship they freely offer - as well as the ability to try out kit (for as long as a week in one case) before buying. Local shops do need supporting in order to survive, we will miss them when they are gone.

London Camera Exchange is very variable. One in Southampton's Below Bar area is excellent while the Salisbury outlet is so unfriendly I refuse to walk through the door.

Jessops is a business in trouble. I hope it survives and I do buy small consumables from them once in a while, but would not dream of ordering anything or indeed spending large amounts there. A great shame to see a once well respected business so badly managed. They seem to show images of cameras in the window rather than the real thing, a sign of a cash-flow crisis I imagine.

For on line purchases I tend to use Warehouse Express as they have always treated me fairly.
I agree, both the LCE stores in Southampton are a brilliant service, but if you are looking for something a little older (film, all kinds, literally all kinds of film cameras and lenses) then you should check out City photographic in Bedford place, wonderful little shop.


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Checked with 1stcameras today re 5DM3:
they know the number of bodies they're getting initially, and they could still have some - in the UK all the prices are similar - if you want to get one early, might be worth giving them a ring (seeing as they might have had a lot more orders today/tomorrow - wednesday due to Focus on Imaging).

As a side point - if they know, some of the other retailers, should know the stock they'll receive and also how many are currently pre-ordered/purchased and awaiting delivery.

After a quick try - it's a great feeling camera. Hard to tell much at a stand beyond what you can gain from reviews . Flicking it to silent mode? Golden. Hard to hear at all. No KERR THUNK.