A 4K video test video I did with the Canon EF-S 10-18mm IS STM lens and the Canon Rebel SL3 (250D).

In 4k mode the distortion produced by this lens is less noticeable even at 10mm, than when it is in full hd 1080, due to the sensor crop.

Image quality is close to Canon's 18-55mm, so it doesn't stand out in this regard. On the other hand, its quality / price ratio seems to me personally good as well as its ergonomics.

The STM technology that comes with it is ideal for video, making almost no noise to be noticed when focusing.

The lens's own IS also helps with low-light shooting in photo. In video, the lens IS can be combined with the video Digital IS that some cameras carry. However taking into account the image quality of the lens (close to 18-55mm IS STM), combining the lens IS stabilizer, plus the camera's own Digital IS video (which goes by software), in addition to creating crop factor, image quality is lowered.

With this camera I was able to record entire clips of almost 20 minutes. Probably more can be recorded.

What do you think about the image quality and distortion on this lens? Thanks for watching. ;)