Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II Specifications

Cameraconspiracies' Kasey Stern would be happy enough with solid 1080p. :p 4K just makes for lengthier post-production and datahogging. I personally like a liggle wiggle room in post for composition adjustments, warp stabilizing, subtle digital pans/tilts/zooms and of course oversampling, but I don't understand why it has to be 4K per se. If the GoPro HERO7 BLK can give us resolutions like 1440p and 2.7K... Blackmagic had a 2.5K camera... An ARRI Alexa Mini doesn't even have true 4K, it does 3.4K Open Gate... 2K-2.8K otherwise mostly. Why not give us something in-between 1080p-4K? Then you don't have to deal with all the 4K-fuzz. Less heat issues, better framerates, etc. I'll happily take unrestricted 2.8K/60p over limited use 4K. Really, I've been wondering for years why nobody puts in-between resos in their cameras. I mean, especially Canon should be happy to do that. Keep customers happy, yet keep actual usable 4K limited to their professional grade and cinema range cameras.

Anyways. 10mins is quite long for a take, even when producing Netflix mini-series. This falls in the pocketrocket-category, they aren't really meant to roll away sitting stationary on set, they are for spontaneous moments grabbing a quick shot here and there. I like the 24-120mm f/1.8-2.8, for me this seems the perfect travelcam. The G7X-series became really popular because Canon does a few things well... all-in-one character. Just an easy to use camera with a front-facing screen, not horrible onboard audio (a lot of folks just stick an adhesive windfurry over the mic ports and call it a day), decent C-AF and stabilization, Canon colors, coming out looking pretty ok straight out of camera, something important in a business where content and actuality are king. This is not meant to be a cinema camera where you extensively edit and grade your footage 'n schtuff. Just drop it on a timeline, put a few cuts in, hit 'upload', boom, Bob's your uncle (although... I hope not, Bob's kind of a dick). The YT-crowd hardly has moved on from the 80D/G7XmkII in these past few years and I'm sure the G7XmkIII/G5XmkII will sell like hotcakes once again...
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Well this just killed all of my compact interest in Canon, which had already mostly went to the wonderful, amazing, genius SONY rx1rm2. I hate you now, Canon, ever since I returned my crappy R camera and sold my g5m1 for only doing a 1-shot RAW. What are you guys doing over there? I had the original g5 and it was ok, better than the Sony rx100 (for my purposes at that time). That g5mark2 camera looks like a sony rx100, with its stolen EVF design. Canon, you guys are idiots.
Where is the genius innovation of the 1987 EOS EF revolution? Why not just add some nicer features to the g5m1? Is it because you feel the g5m1 hurt your g1 sales?

Reasons the g5xm2 is a fail:
-no threads on front for filters
-no hot shoe to mount the mic plugged into that new mic jack (WTF are you all really this stupid?)
-janky flash only soccer moms would use
-removed the always-ready EVF. WTF!?!??!?!?!? If I want a pocket camera I would have bought a g7. The g5m1 body form was ugly but brilliant. I think you bastards killed this because you believed the g5m1 was TOO nice of a camera and it hurt your g1xm3 sales, but the g1x is a turd all on its own, and the g5m1 has nothing to do with flagging g1 sales. God, I hate you now. The g5m1 was the best thing you had compact-wise, and now you have killed it.

You should have taken the g5m1 and stuck mainly to this:
-add a mic jack
-improve RAW burst from 1 to at least 5
-put threads on lens end
-keep body form from Mark 1
-keep EVF and hotshoe that allows the detachable EVF-DC1 to be hooked into the hotshoe allowing top-down shooting. I often shot my g5 with the EVF attached and in a top-down config, and street shooting was never so clandestine.

I have thrown thousands of dollars at Canon over the years, and I still WANT to believe, but I have lost most of my faith with ALL camera companies, excepting medium format, which I still enjoy. BUT BUT BUT CANON LISTEN HERE: if you are going to just start copying other companies, CANON, then please copy the rx1. I want a CANON full frame compact SO BAD!!!!! A nice one, mind you, like the Lieca q, Zeiss zx1, Leica q2.

Give me a full frame compact, and also develop a program that buys back EF L lenses at market value, because I feel hoodwinked into the EF to RF debacle. I feel like all my L glass is obsolete and I have spent thousands and I am NOT happy about the adapters on the new mirrorless. You could have done much better than the RF system you gave us, trying to distract us with f2 zooms. f2 zooms mean little if the sensor and processor is junk.
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Well this just killed all of my compact interest in Canon, which had already mostly went to the wonderful, amazing, genius SONY rx1rm2. I hate you now, Canon

Blah, blah, blah...

Allow me to be the first to say I don't care.

It's not Canon's job to build you your personal perfect camera. If you think you can do better elsewhere, just go.

And save your pointless yammering for DPR. Canon isn't watching this forum in the hope that you'll be around to tell them where they're going wrong.

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am a bit confused by mic discussion. CR list of specs for G5X II says there is a mic input:
  • 3.5 mm microphone input terminal
just no hotshoe, but i guess there will soon be 3D printed aftermarket "(cold) hotshoe accessory holders" to physically attach a (small) mic or other device on camera? or just a little patch of velcro? yes, no free real estate on top deck, but just put it on pop-up flash cover - which in video mode should not be used anyways?

so, is mic attachment truly an insurmountable problem? am i missing something?
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Tbh, people get these because they actually fit a pocket, or at the least is very portable, and it's all they need on-the-go when not actually having any particular shoots planned. But you can just whip it out and wing it. Like with the current G7XmkII people will predominantly just use it as-is with an adhesive windscreen attached to the onboard mic. Because... what's the use of a pocketable cam, if you're carrying along say a RØDE VideoMic Pro... probably a Joby Gorillapod too. That's nice and all, but then you might as well pick up a mirrorless camera altogether. There you can actually pick a camera with a proper vari-angle display that flips out forward facing from the side rather than top, bottom or not evenat all. That's actually where the original G5 X actually had one up on many others. But that's now gone away... flip down wouldn't be ideal in combination with tripods/mounting... flip up and hotshoe mic, you'd have the screen blocked by it.

Of course I won't slam them for having the option to wire something up. And hey, they probably thought it through and will release something along the likes of the RØDE VideoMic Me.


That's just a 3.5mm mic attachment that mounts straight to the port facing either forwards or backwards. Or indeed, wire it up with a lav. Myself, I've got a set of Instamics. They're tiny and wireless. Yes, it requires a sync up in post, but what else is new? That's sorted out easily enough.

Me personally, I really like the range and sensitivity of the lens foremost. I do have a Panasonic LX100 and loved that thing to bits... just isn't as nice an allrounder as the Canons. Been going the ZTE Nubia Z9... Huawei P10 Plus, P20 Pro and now P30 Pro smartphone route and I've gotta say, I hardly use the LX100 anymore. I had great hopes for the LX100 II hoping it would bring significant improvements, but unfortunately is was a total bummer. I had a Sony RX100 VI on order which got cancelled. I took that as a sign of a higher power, lol and forgot about it. Did get their HX99 for a trip to South Africa and although the range came in handy and the image quality was okay when not using the camera handheld, it was pretty disappointing to use otherwise. Usually don't need the range anyways. For streetphotography I use a Ricoh GRII. For planned video shoots I take out a GH5, G9, BMPCC4K or whatever. But it would be nice to have something that isn't a smartphone, so with a larger sensor and flexible lens, that's kind of chill for all uses, incl. casual vid snaps. That you don't mind carrying around even if you don't use it that day. Just having it when it would come in handy is priceless of course.
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I really can't understand that mic fuzz with these G5/7X P&S.

I sometimes use a Sennheiser stereo mic attached to the hot shoe of my DSLR when I do vid.

Thinking of a good mic and it's size on a P&S, size 110.9 x 60.9 x 46 mm and weight: 340g, simply makes me :ROFLMAO:.
No stability, no good center of gravity, no good handholding, etc.

And if you mount that P&S on a tripod trying to do some youtube studio what's the point in putting the mic where the sound is (so not on the P&S)?
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