Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II Specifications

G1X III is far from their "least expensive" cameras.

A built-in RT transmitter means a camera has a source of non-standard RF radiation, which puts legal limits to its use in multiple countries. This might be a lesser problem for a "top enthusiast compact" than for a professional tool.
potential FCC regulation issues are why i suggested implementation of RT radio transmitter in form of a SMALL external USB dongle/plug. it would also avoid the issue of unwanted shielding within metal-alloy camera chassis.

but there is no sign of Canon going to include an RT transceiver in any of their cameras or to offer a transceiver in a much more compact shape than the bulky hotshoe-hugging RT-3 which would be very unwieldy on a g5x ii - even if there was a hotshoe to connect it to.
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