More information about the Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II and PowerShot G7 X Mark III

I hated when Panasonic brought us the G9... the GH5 and then the GH5S.
Like... dang it Panasonic. Just make one camera that does it all already.
You want me to buy 3 cameras, don't you? Well, I'm buying the BMPCC4K over the GH5S. You happy now? You're pushing me away, damnit.
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If that's Canon putting their best foot forward with promo footage, yikes... The timelapse is almost passable the others are really soft. It looks like 720p video that's been scaled up.

Compared to the UHD and HD footage from the RX100 MkVA or RX100 MkVI it's a big joke.

Does Canon specify the original picture resolution used to create in-camera timelapse??
If it's not high-res, it would be useless, and I couldn't believe Canon would do so bad move at this point
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