Canon shows off it's new low light sensor, capable of 100fps video


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Jun 6, 2012
S Florida
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Sep 17, 2010
Mt Spokane Photography said:
Surveillance or machine camera sensor, 2.24 MP. Canon is putting a lot of R&D into these, there is a big profit selling to high end customers. You won't see these sensors in a DSLR.

Yep, so low light surveillance...then a few days ago, incredible detail surveillance....
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Don Haines

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Jun 4, 2012
unfocused said:
AvTvM said:
unfocused said:
Everything Canon is learning as they develop these new sensors will benefit photography.

no. all the video cr*p is utterly useless or even detrimental to stills photography related development.

Simply saying something like that does not make it true. In fact, it only reflects poorly on you and your understanding of the interconnection between video and still technologies.


Astrophotographers would love that camera.
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The video didn't give a lot of detail besides 100 fps, just B/W footage.
But if I read the linked spec sheet correctly, there is a monochrom and RGB-filter version available and it does 2000 x 1128 pixels.

19µm pixels are large, and 2000 of them horizontally make for 38mm length, so that would not fit for individual pixels, because you would be monochrome. Probably the 19x19µm "pixels" are processed colour pixels and really are 4 RGGB-subpixels and the sensor does 2K colour and then, withour filter, it would do monochrome at 4K or 2K at even higher ISO.

The old sensor did produce Full-HD colour at 4.5 Million ISO and was also quoted as 19x19µm pixels.

Canon named "nighttime wildlife productions", "deep underwater imaging that require no lighting", "astronomical shooting" and "many forms of surveillance" as uses. The (old) sensor is built into the ME20F
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