Canon to announce the PowerShot Pick next week

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Jul 20, 2010
Canon will soon announce the PowerShot AI, which is not the confirmed name. Canon first showed off this idea back in 2018 at The Photography Show in the UK, and once again last year at CES 2020.
It appears that Canon has decided to bring the camera to market and it will be announced quite soon, though I don’t have an official date of the announcement.
Canon PowerShot AI Specifications (Based on the concept and could change)

12mp 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor
19-57mm 35mm equivalent zoom lens (4x zoom)
Pans 170°
Tilt of 110°
Electronic Image Stabilization
Dust and Waterproofing
Battery life of about 2.5 hours
Records data to microSD
USB-C Port
Both Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity

The camera is targetted at many uses, including as a webcam, a baby monitor, a pet monitor or even as a security camera. The concept...

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With the current state of millions working remotely - from their homes, etc. - I see this as a smart move, a far better option than using your Canon DSLR or MILC as a webcam.
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They should make it extendable so it can be put on a table and extenable to eye height level .
If it was AI from the perspective of giving people flawless skin live, face tracking or an attachable ring light Canon could sell alot of them
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Canon/Axis makes security cameras, so the product makes sense.
I think the largest image sensor surveillance camera is APS-C followed by 4/3 attached to an EF Lens

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Earlier this week I reported that Canon would be bringing their AI-powered concept PowerShot camera to market. This camera has appeared as multiple concepts since 2018.
DC Watch is reporting the new camera will be called the PowerShot Pick and preorders will begin via the Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake on January 29, 2021. This was the same way Canon first released the PowerShot Zoom, so I expect that the PowerShot Pick will become available globally shortly after.
The PowerShot Pick is powered by the marketing “AI”. The camera will be able to do things like analyze a person’s face and decide when the best time to take a photograph and will do it automatically...

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