Are These The Next Canon Cameras To Be Announced? [CR1]

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Jul 20, 2010
We were sent the following information about what may be the next Canon cameras to be announced. I don’t think these will be the big announcements for Photokina. We’re all hoping for a big splash from Canon fpr the marquee photographic trade show.</p>
<p><strong>EC801 – Canon Powershot SX740</strong></p>
<li>40x Zoom travel compact</li>
<li>1/2.3 Sensor</li>
<p><strong>EC804 – Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III</strong></p>
<li>4.2x Zoom</li>
<li>1″ sensor</li>
<li>4k Video (no DPAF)</li>
<li>This camera features a new Canon 1″ sensor</li>
<p><strong>EC811 Canon EOS M5 Mark II</strong></p>
<li>28.3MP APS-C mirorless camera</li>
<li>4K@30fps video and DPAF.</li>
<li>This camera features a new Canon APS-C sensor</li>
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Aug 25, 2015
London, UK
If the M5 II is released this year then there's a great deal more chance that the new DSLR this year will be the 7D III rather than the 90D. I can't see them launching a 90D with DPAF 4K without updating the 7D line first.

And yes, this does really make it less likely we'll see a FF mirrorless this year.

Perhaps it's not Sony that Canon are worried about, but Panasonic & Fuji.
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I hope they go all-in with the M5 mk II: in body IS, good usable 4K, change to the flippy screen seen on the M50.
Add the rumored 32mm f/1.4 and the package is starting to look pretty good: 11-22 IS; 22mm f/2; 32mm f/1.4; 55-200 (wish they'd up the game on this lens with a metal mount and a little faster). I could easily live with that for lightweight travel.
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Oct 22, 2014
With a 28 MP sensor, surely Canon isn't going to just crop in for 4K on the M5 Mark II, right? That would be even less active sensor area than on the M50. DPAF in 4K is a big step up, but not if it's deployed on an effectively >1-inch sensor. With no crop, I'd probably still buy it even if they used the MJPEG codec, whereas if there's a huge crop, they'd have to throw in the moon (10-bit, Canon log, etc.) for me to care.

Needless to say, that's speaking just for me and just from a video perspective, since my still needs are pretty nicely covered already. But I hope the recent rumor that Canon wants to improve video specs will be reflected in this release. If a new M5 portends that a FF mirrorless model (which I'd probably be interested in from a stills perspective, even if it had only rudimentary video) is a 2019 or later release, I hope they get aggressive with mirrorless ASP-C in the meantime. The M50 was in many ways more competitive with the original M5 than line-up placement might have indicated, so maybe there's hope they'll try to offer a clear jump with the new model.
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Nov 2, 2016
Actually, these are what the market wants. Canon seems to be doing better then their rivals in these areas, so it makes sense for these. As the M5 is pretty popular, this should continue the momentum of what’s become the most popular (and fastest growing) mirrorless family.

I don’t think this precludes an FF mirrorless this year. Canon’s statement for fowards growth is almost the exact opposite of Nikon’s. While Nikon is in cut costs and hold profits mode, Canon did say that their goal was to increase marketshare through new product introduction and increased R&D. That’s what we want to hear.
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Jul 13, 2012
I would like to hear (translated into ENglish) the product planning discussions are Canon.

Especially now that the Nikon D850 is such a big hit. How and when will Canon reply?

36 MP?
Dual pixels with each half at a different ISO? That would be very interesting!
Hopefully the 5D Mark V (If I can call it that ) will have 10 FPS, a large buffer (30+ shoots), cfast card, ..

I can dream ...
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Jun 20, 2013
jalps said:
An M5 mk II w/ 4k DPAF would pull a huge share of the 80D market, myself included, looking for a more lightweight and compact option. Add the articulating screen and now I can keep my big lenses but add some of the EF-M to my kit for a more compact setup. That would be amazing!

I can imagine that if the M5 Mark II gets 4K + DPAF and a non crop that canon is going to update the entire lineup from start to finish .. FAST.
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Talys said:
slclick said:
I love my M5, that being said, if it was improved, sure, I'd upgrade.

I've almost bought an M5 so many times. Perhaps I will purchase an M5Mk2! :)

I feel the exact same way. I don't seen enough of a difference over my 80D to justify the move, but a Mk2 would probably push me over the edge.
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Apr 25, 2011
Uneternal said:
Are they?
Aren't they?

Uneternal said:
In the price rankings here in Europe, 6 of 10 cameras in the top 10 are a full frame with A7 III ranking first. That doesn't tell you about actual sales but the interest of people (clicked offers).
In which "price ranking" can I click on a G7X III offer?
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