Canon U.S.A. To Host Virtual Press Conference For New Professional Imaging Products And Technologies

Yes, I had the EF-70-200 Mark II. The size is the major difference to me. I am yet to pixel peek with the RF lens yet but the pixel peepers say it is at least as good or even better than the EF version. The past week I focused more on the auto-focus system, while it is good, it is not as fast as the RF 24-70. The price is another factor, but for me, I just prefer not to use an adapter. The only EF lenses I kept are the TS-E-24 and 100 Macro and that is because there are no RF versions yet.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it! I currently have the 28-70 f/2 (I almost never used the widest end of my EF 24-70, so I knew I wouldn't miss it) and am interested in getting the 70-200 for that extra reach. I'm also considering getting the 24-105 for a lighter travel option as well as more video-based work, although so far I've not found the weight of the 28-70 to be too much of an issue (it makes up for it's bulk by allowing me to leave other lenses at home).

And I'm in the same boat as you with the 100mm macro. I can't wait for an RF equivalent to come out.
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Probably because the press release does say in the lead paragraph that Canon "announced today that they will be hosting a Virtual Press Conference to unveil the company’s new professional imaging products and technologies"?

I agree, it does seem like this is a video-only conference based on the majority of the content in the release. But at best, it's poorly worded. If there's more, they completely fail to build on that; if it's just video, maybe "imaging products" was a poor choice of words.

I'm not sure why people are saying R5 and R6.

This is what the announcement says.

“The road ahead is long and filled with uncertainty, but when the broadcast and cinema industries are ready to resume ‘normal’ activities, Canon wants them to know we will be there to continue to support professionals with new products and technologies that meet their needs.”

The new Canon broadcast and cinema products featured during the Virtual Press Conference are aligned with the current and growing needs of the respective industries such as 4K UHD and HDR, as well as evolving technologies.

R5 nor R6 are not broadcast or cinema products.
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Feb 4, 2020
Dj 7th said:
I am an early adopter of the RF Mount. I have the following RF lenses;

50 f1.2
85 f1.2
15-35 f2.8
24-70 f2.8
70-200 f2.8
24-105 f4

I've got two questions for you, Dj:

1) what do you do for a living?
2) are you hiring?


If you disguise as a fast RF lens, it looks your chances might be high to get hired ...
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The announcement on the Canon website is under a tab called 'Professional Video Solutions' so unfortunately I don't think anything to do with the R5 :(

Yes, but that page does have 'DSLR' product on it, which when clicked also contains the R and RP. Also, it says this on the 'Professional Video Solutions'-page:

From cinema lenses to pro camcorders and more, Canon offers an array of products designed to meet the most demanding film and broadcast settings. Whether you’re looking for a DSLR to get your vlog off the ground or a high-end, 4K broadcast lens to shoot your next in-studio production, we have the gear to help expand your storytelling reach.

So Yeah, I still have hope the R5 and R6 will be announced in this virtual press conference.
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