Counting down my five favorite Canon digital cameras ever. Coming in at #3…..


2 x 5D IV
Feb 26, 2017
it yields significantly more resolution [ceteris paribus], visible to the naked eye unless image is viewed on smartphone display or instagram. :)
Please define “significantly more”.
20% more resolution is noticeable to a non professional eye.
5-10% more resolution may be noticeable to a pro photog.
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Jan 29, 2011

And, I’d add, Keith didn’t use any interpolation software (he has some great articles on it’s use). Now the first answer people always give is well you could interpolate both high and low resolution images and get even better results so the differences would remain constant but the point is more subtle than that, I’d say if I want to offer a given print size what resolution can I do that with given the software we have, 24” x 36” is my maximum print size, obviously a 5DSr does that quite well but how does a 5D III or a 1DX II compare to that given print size when processed optimally With interpolation? I’d wager very few people could tell the difference in most real world situations.
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