Hello...Anyone else from the UK?



Reading born and bred. 7d owner.
Getting bored waiting for Canon to release their new long L lenses...



Greetings from Hackney, London. 40D owner looking to upgrade to 5D MK3 this year and some decent L glass if I'm lucky. Still undecided between the 70-300L or (70-200L II + 1.4 extender), but if the MK3 comes with a new 24-70 kit lens this may be a better option for me.

I spend waaay too much time on Canon Rumors and many other sites, but I do enjoy it. As a side effect, time seems to slow down while waiting for updates... :)


Jul 22, 2010
Greetings from sunny Plymouth (CR0).

I've decided to stop buying photography equipment for a while, to prove to myself that I'm not addicted. Apart from a new set of filters and a new printer, but they don't count!

Well, isn't this a jolly get together, maybe we should all meet up for a nice cup of tea sometime? (Hey, can't spoil all of the stereotypes, it's what keeps our tourism industry going, isn't it?).


EOS 5D Mark IV
CR Pro
Aug 22, 2010
Greetings from Wiltshire. I run GMCPhotographics, a wedding and portrait photographic company. Business is good and having my busiest year to date.
I've been a Canon man since my father bought me my first SLR in my very early teens, an AV-1 with a 50mm f1.8. I've been tempted by various Nikons and Olympus cameras over the years but they all feel so alien to me when i use them. I just KNOW Canon kit so intuatively and i get such great photos from them....why change? I've never had any serious AF issues (I know some have) and their pro gear is just so solid. My 5DII's often take a light shower in the rain and today I've had no issues with them (and with my 5D's before that).
Yes new lens releases and cameras are a thrill, but the current gear is just so good and getting good pictures is so easy to do now. I'm a big fan of Canon's low light primes (24IIL/35L/50L/85IIL/135L) and they are pretty much perfect so there's not much that Canon can offer in a newer version. I think there's a little milage with the current 135L, make it weather sealed and a tad brighter (135/1.8) would keep it state of the art in that range (to match Sony)...and an IS unit would be fab too.

Kind Regards,



motorhead said:

You have my respect. I've got much less will power and have just pressed the "go" button on the new EF70-200L IS mk2 and part exchanging my "mark 1" f/2.8L (non IS) as part of the deal. I am having to stump up £1230, £1780 which was the best legitimate price I could find on the internet, less £550 for my 6 year old mint condition lens. My local photoshop volunteered to match the web prices which I very much appreciate.

If the 1Ds mk4 appears this year as some suggest, then 2011 will be VERY expensive!
Hi Motorhead - unfortunately it did not last long, I pulled the trigger when I saw the 60D with a 18 - 135 kit lens for only £857 at Amazon. I was very glad I got it at that price as it is now over £100 more. That pretty much broke the dam, as I have just bought a laptop and will soon be buying a Lightroom, tripod, flash and a lens (either the 85mm 1.8 or 100mm macro) :(


Yep, I'm from Somerset but currently at university in Birmingham.

I have the ollld 5D, and various prime lenses.

Very much waiting on the 5d MkIII.
Depending on what it offers, I'll likely still get the mk II being a poor student and all.
Gotta love a bargain!



Guess I am up here representing Scotland!

Currently have a 500d, but waiting patiently for Jessops to get a 7d back in stock.

Look forward to getting a long lens in the summer, sigma's 70-200's look nice, or a 2nd hand canon 70-200 f4. Their f2.8 is just a little to expensive just now.

I check this place out way to much, but the forum is always a nice place to come and read


I own the sigma 70-200mm f/2.8. It is a great lens and will suit me fine until I can afford the canon 70-200 IS f/2.8 as it is ridiculously sharp for a zoom lens.
You will be disappointed by the bokeh on an f/4 70-200. The f/2.8 makes it all worth it and really makes the subjects stand out.
Check out one of my recent shots with the sigma 70-200mm f/2.8.
You can't get that with an f/4 lens!




Hi, I am also from the UK, from the Leicester area though originally from Bolton. It is slightly warmer "down" in Leicester!!!

Like most of the responders, I find myself pouring over this website too frequently. My dream is a 7D Mk2 with extended dynamic range. Currently using a 40D.


Yup from Uk also, Hampshire.
Have a canon 450d, waiting (and saving) for the 5dMk3.
have the kit (aweful) lens + a canon 70 300 non L lens, a tokina wide angle lens, and a canon 60mm Macro EF-S which i use mostly.

Everyday i have to tell myself not to get the 5Dmk2 and wait for the mk3. Fortunately theres little stock around of the Mk2 now, or what is there has gone up in price. Might have to wait till Q1 2012 i think before its available.
Will also be getting the canon 24-70L (shame no IS in that)
Tried the canon 100-400 L the other day, man that is heavy, didnt buy it though


Hi, I'm from Edinburgh, currently have a 450D. In addition to the EF S 18-55 IS, got an EF S 55-250 IS and a 50mm f1.8 II.

Instead of renewing my camera, I want to complete, for now, my lens collection with a Canon EF S 10-22 f3.5-4.5. That would make me very happy!




i'm from southampton, just waiting to update my very worn nd used 400d! keep checking the site in the hopes of 7d mkii rumours and i reckon by the time that's released, i might have actually saved some money up!

Hello all.... Greetings from London...

I err <cough> have a couple of 2nd hand 1Ds mk III, a 5D which I'm umming and arring over converting to IR or flogging to my cousin, a 20D which is IR converted, and a 10D gathering dust - how's that for Canon support?!?!? LOL. Oh recently sold a 40D which a friend managed to "borrow" for 18 months with 2 of my L lenses.

I would have bought the 5D MK II but the AF & initial quality issues made me run scared all the way to eBay.

And now, just to make you roll with laughter, no I'm not a Pro in any shape or form, just love photography (nature, landscape & travel), plus I have very few other expensive vices (cars, alcohol, wives, cigarettes, children etc).... just travel & err a bit of technology (Lightroom etc).

Went to Skye in May, and dunked one of the 1Ds in a stream with the 17-40mm. 48 hrs later, all was fine. Phew.

Ps. for those that are interested in a new body & a couple of lenses, if you know anyone in the States - definitely worth buying there, forgoing warranty and enjoying the benefits of the exchange rate - plus you save the local sales tax if you ship outside the state they're in. When i went in 2007 the dollar was almost $2 to the pound - and that's how i picked up nearly all my L lenses. I'd wait for the prices to normalise - prices have gone up over >25% from when I purchased, undoubtedly a combination of Earthquake/Tsunami & strong Yen/weak dollar. So Canon et al delaying annoucements until Aug / Sept and shipping late 2011 / early 2012 means that so long as they're not all snapped up for the summer olympics prices should be healthier.


Hi all, am from near Durham ooop north. Have been shooting since the end of last september. Use a 550d which is serving me nicely for the time being, bless its battered and well used socks :)


UK based, hobbyist
Nov 7, 2010
Sheffield, UK
Hi there, I'm Haydn from Sheffield, photography is just a hobby for me, had a Cosina SLR when I was about 10 years old, couldn't really afford the film at the time, so lost the habit at an early age, got my first digital camera in 2001, a Fijifilm 2mp without any form of zoom, worked up the range over the years until I bought a Canon 450D in the summer of 2008, with a 18-55mm IS kit lens and a 70-300mm zoom.

At first, whilst enjoying the improved results, I tended to stick with the automatic settings, until last year when I started becoming very frustrated at the poor results I bought "understanding exposure" by Bryan Peterson, which opened my eyes again to the techniques I learnt as a child, I've since improved my kit lens to an great 15-85mm, bought a set of filters (ND, GND, CP & 10x ND) and recently an f1.4 50mm. Starting to really enjoy taking photos again, especially the more technically challenging photos with filters.

Plan on extending my lens collection in the future, sticking with my 450D for now as it's doing me proud, but may well upgrade up the range in a few years, maybe even add a full frame as a second body - I don't see me walking around as a tourist with a 5D as my main camera, as it's far too heavy for regular use !

Career wise, I'm a very fed up Traffic Engineer, I've seen the good times, been involved in building motorways, tram systems, helped manage local and regional networks, earmed the big bucks, but with the recent government cuts, I'm faced with shrinking budgets, bigger demands and more frustration in not being able to deliver what the nation needs. I had a notion that photography might be a way out a year back, I'm quite sure it's just a hobby for me now though ;-)


Jul 25, 2011
Another Scot here using a 5DII with 40d backup and 400d lying around somewhere. Not forgettingOM1,2&3

Waiting too see spec of next FF body before splashing out.

efs 10-22 & 17-85 will have to go along with other non L series glass.
Originally from Exeter, but now in Somerset (after gallivanting around southern England and Europe). Started off in photography years ago with a Zenith 11 (still got it too). The light meter was about 1.5 stops out and everything was manual. I sort of lost touch with photography in my 20's, while I was busy progressing my microbiology career, but returned with a 400D, which I soon grew out of and progressed to the 40D, quickly reverting to manual mode. I now shoot with a combination of a 5D MkII (for anything that doesn't move too quick or likes the dark) and a 7D, with a few L lenses from the 17-40 up to the 300 f/2.8 (often with 1.4x extender). A 400mm f/4 (other than the DO) would have been nice. I managed to sell the 40D to a photographic dealer for only £40 less than what I paid for it on Canon's eBay site after 2 years.


Yep, originally from Ipswich, currently living in Sussex, but looking at moving back to Ipswich.

originally started with a Praktica, which got damaged in an accident. Moved on to Canon A1's until i had a break in photography due to personal circumstances, but now back with vengeance (so to speak). After an initial Nikon 5700 Bridge, and Nikon 7900 for scuba diving (really is great for that), i am fairly entrenched into Canon, first off with a 30D, then a 40D - then trading both in for a 5DII.

Very interested in getting a second body (or first would that be?) and might have the budget for a 1D4 or 1D5 if one gets released soon. Have a collection of L lenses including 17-40, 24-105 and 70-200 f4 IS. Also have the mandatory 50mm and 100 mm Macro non IS. Thinking of trading the 70-200 in to fund getting the new 70-300. I've done some work photographing some football matches, but had to rely on a hired lens. Would rather have my own,,,

Still have so much to learn - but thats what makes this such a great hobby, every picture is a challenge - and there is the opportunity to earn some money to cover the cost of this great hobby.

Good to meet you all...