Here is the Canon Cinema EOS C70, to be announced this week.

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Jul 20, 2010
Here is a clearer photo of the upcoming Canon Cinema EOS C70, which is the first RF mount Cinema EOS camera. I also expect a Canon Cinema EOS C50 announced some time in 2020.
Canon Cinema EOS C70 Specifications:

Super 35mm 4K DGO sensor (same as the Cinema EOS C300 Mark III)
RF Mount
Internal ND (10 Stops)
CLog 2 & CLog 3
4:2:2 10bit onto SD cards up to 4K120 and 2K180
No RAW capability internally at launch
BP-A batteries


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I’d look at c200 price launch for something like this

Lets look at the R6 $2500, it has the same sensor as the 1Dx3 $6400

I'd hope that if the C50/70 ($2500 maybe) have the same sensor as the C200 $5500

Why would I pay for a c200 if i buy this? There has to be a reason and a price point to make this attractive.
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Aug 29, 2016
I do hope they put IBIS on these at some point in the future. It's magic on long focal lengths on the R5. You can always turn it off.
There's load of stuff that I have shot where some form of IBIS would have improved the situation. I get that people think "cinema" cameras should not have auto-focus or IBIS, but at the lower end of the market in the cinema line, I can see it having its place. If it can be turned off, then even better.

I really, really, really hope it has Micro HDMI like the R5..... ;-)

Place your bets now on what EOSHD will find has been crippled on this camera..... Why no 24bit? Why no 3600 fps? Why only 4K and not 24K? Why does it have big vents in it that spiders can crawl in to?
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Sep 2, 2018
Kentucky, USA
Since this is going to mean a major investment in Super 35 format sensor bodys on the R mount, it might be by default going to be the new defacto APS-R standard for Canon body and lens development in the future. This may be the first APS-R body of many to come - focused on video initially, but followed by small affordable hybrid bodies. And cine & smaller hybrid APS-R lenses will follow.

I also believe they will come out with a EF-to-APS-R (focal reducer) adapter so all the EF glass is happy on the APS-R body.
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