Here is the Canon RF 14-35mm f/4L IS USM


I have the 15-35, and love it. This will be for space and weight constrained travel. Since I shoot mainly landscapes, the extra 1 mm will be nice too.

Thanks to those who put up the info that Preordering was open on B & H; I greatly appreciate it!
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3) How wide is the 14mm? You may think that's a bit of an odd question, but according to the patent, the actual focal length was 14.8mm, so calling it 14mm is being a little generous. Would be curious to see the width compared to my 14-24mm, as well as some 14mm primes.
Good point.
My experience is that the zooms of various manufacturers have different ideas of focal length.
My Tamron 28-75 was shorter at 75 than my Canon 70-200 at 70. I was scolded by many online that that was the way things are.
IMO that is nonsense as the camera enthusiast and professional market obsess over published specs and treat them as gospel.
I am thinking that the Sigma may not be quite as wide as you think or maybe the Canon will not be. Its a toss-up. Frankly, the markings out to be accurate. If the Canon is really 14.8mm then that makes significant difference while at longer FLs a 1 or 2 mm difference is negligible.
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£1749 in the UK
RF stands for require funding
Once again Canon is price gouging the UK by 10% relative to the EU (and to repeat earlier stuff, Nikon and Sony don't do this, it's a genuine rip off). RF stands for Rip-off For-us. Fortunately, we have honest grey market sellers.
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