Industry News: Fujifilm Introduces the flagship X-H2S


Jan 30, 2020
Would I be ready to pay $1000 extra for the R7 if Canon added stacked sensor, CFExpress, larger buffer and a higher resolution EVF? YES, I most definetely would! (and especially if Canon also added a builtin GPS ;-)).

But the EOS R7 - even if it doesn't feel like a true 7DII succesor - also seems to be a nice camera. And the more details I learn about it, the nicer it becomes. But in the long run, it looks like Canon have a new serious competitor in the high-end "action ready" APS-C market to look out for. Looking forward to hear how Fuji's updated AF works in practice on a final release camera.

But Dear Canon! Launch an "R7x" next year, and you will get my money twice :)
The question is: does Canon want to try to be the king of aps-c or not? They may well be content with the $1,500 price point as their top level camera in this format and focus on higher margin full frame cameras and lenses.