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Well, I just got the external EVF (visioflex 020?) use with adapted 3rd party lenses.
I have some old Nikon F manual lenses and some other EF mount manual lenses I'm playing with, including the interesting Lomography Petzval and lomogon brass lenses and the fun Laowa 15mm 1:1 macro far, these are giving me really interesting images on the monochrom.

With the latter, I'm even having fun shooting plants growing down in the street storm drains, and the odd smashed bottle cap and run over Childs toy I found in the street....

But I found that my first outing with the visioflex, it ate up battery pretty quick, even with me turning camera off/on as needed.

I wouldn't mind posting pics here, but not sure how that would set with the canon forum rules?

I don't do social media, so, no IG or FB or twitter, or......(insert other evil privacy sucking site here, haha).....

Here's a couple from my first day out with the M10M...please bear in mind, that these were mostly me trying to figure out the full manual camera, with my light meter and calculating exposure with yellow and orange filters, and trying to see contract AND....maybe being a little abstract.

So, no masterpieces here.
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Looking good. bummer you're not elsewhere on the net but def understand if you're against it. I don't do FB but do have multiple IG accounts. I know that makes no sense :oops: . I have never used that viewfinder, interesting that it eats the battery so badly.
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Agreed, the 28mm Elmarit Asph is wonderful.
If ever you can find one: get the Summilux 1,4/75, a real Jekyll and Hyde lens.
Dreamy-creamy bokeish at f1,4, tack-sharp from f2,8.
Sadly, (but not for me:p), it has become sought-after and expensive.
As to the Voigtlanders, they don't stand a chance against the Asph. or Apo M lenses, but are indeed an alternative compared to the older M glass.A very good option are the 2,8/25mm and 2,8/35mm Zeiss ZM lenses, optically superb...but, important for the 25mm, lack 6 bit coding.

I might have to take a look at the 75, never used it. Personally I never much cared for FL above 50 on a Leica body. I've come to the conclusion (IMO) that FL's above 50 and these days even 50 is not really where Leica bodies shine. I use mine for street, chasing kids, chasing wider angle views of the world. These days I see an image in a VF without even looking through it and ZF 90% of the time or just guess. That's the biggest reason I love to use M's, that and I love BW in film. For short tele's and longer I go with other makers. It's actually why I still own Canon, longer FL when I need.

I know many Leica shooters poo-poo Voigtlander or any other lens maker but they are some great non-Leica lenses to choose from. Especially in the situ where you've just dropped a ton on your first Leica body. I think with Leica people some carry them like jewelry (especially early on) and therefore can only carry Leica or it will tarnish their "image". When you are at this stage of the game where you carry a Leica body because you go with what you like to use and don't give a sh!te what name is emblazoned on the side... it has very little to do with money. Preferences are like peoples favorite ice cream. Some never venture beyond chocolate and that's ok. Some like to taste of the all the offerings.

As I'm sure you're aware Del Paso, many seasoned Leica owners debate over whether APO lenses really are better for an image. Some see little real world differences in IQ, some prefer the non-APO selection. I know many that chase the bokeh king 35 cron, or only want an APO dreaming that will make or break their photography. That's fine, I was there at one time. Seen it, done it. These days I prefer the cron32V2G, so much so I had Leica code mine for the M10. What's you fave lens Del Paso? Mine currently is the 28 APO or the V4... both are exceptional lenses IMO. 28mm seems to be my absolute favorite FL these days and I have it in from a few makers (MS optics, Leica, Voigtlander, Avenon, Canon LTM). 35mm is a very close second though.
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Mar 28, 2012
With my M10M, since it is monochrome only, I"m guessing that chromatic aberration isn't quite a big a deal to me as for color shooters on the M system.
But if I could ever get the $$ together, I'd like that 50 sumicron that from what I've seen it has the best sharpness and contrast of most of the line.

Right now, with adapters, I'm playing with a lot of 3rd party and vintage lenses....old Nikkors, Pentax zoom (adapter coming in), Lomography Petzval, Helios (soon to get), I have plenty to get "looks" with....but would like 1-2 razor sharp lenses on the real Leica side.

This mostly just to be my convenient carry all the time camera when I don't want bulk.

The rest of the time, would be my 5D3 and GFX100....or assorted medium film format cameras (for unique aspect ratios)....depending on what I intend to shoot at that time.

But with the $$$'s I've laid out this year, for the most part, I"m done buying equipment, I HAVE to...ahaha.

But that's cool, I have plenty of toys for a good while to come. And over 2021...I'll look into the R5 and see what they've done with firmware updates, as well as get a closer picture on what the R1 will look like and cost.

I'm desperately hoping that 2021 gets us more back to normal with respect to gatherings....I missed out shooting JazzFest 2020 here in New Orleans....since they had to cancel it.

The people in charge there said that the people selected for this year, would be first choice for next year, so, hoping for that.
I was figuring if I didn't get a R5 for that, I'd take the trusty 5D3 for longer shots, and the GFX100 for medium, wider shots and could easily crop in on that one if needed.

Hmm..with all that weight...I'd better get started NOW on losing weight and getting the shoulders and legs in shape!!

Wish I could figure how to bring the Leica M10M on that JF shoot, but then again, dunno if I feel that comfortable with carrying a good downpayment on a house worth of equipment in and out of the fairgrounds, I'd hate to get mugged with THAT!!

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