Is a Canon EOS R100 coming next year? A budget EOS R APS-C camera [CR1] about "no longer in production"...?

That's kinda dead too.

I haven't seen a end-of-production date before. Manufacturers will make batches of each product as needed unless the volume is large enough to have a continuous manufacturing process. That date normally isn't available outside of the company though as it isn't customer facing. You never know how much product is in finished good inventory or on distributor/retailer shelves.
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Jul 21, 2010
Different geographies have some autonomy on products they carry, e.g., the M2 wasn’t released in North America. Perhaps Japan and Australia felt the M6II wouldn’t sell well alongside the R10, so they stopped selling the M6II in advance of the R10’s launch. Canon management in other countries felt differently, so the M6II remains ‘current’ in most of the world.
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