Leaked: Samyang XP 50mm f/1.2 EF for EF Mount

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  • Jul 20, 2010
    Images of a soon-to-be-announced XP Samyang 50mm f/1.2 EF have leaked out.</p>
    <p>This lens will be available for EF mount. We don’t see any markings that would suggest this lens is going to have autofocus, so it’s likely going to be similar to the manual focus XP 85mm f/1.2.</p>
    <p>It’s possible this will only be for the EF mount.</p>
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    EOS RP
    May 8, 2015
    Should be nice. The XP 85 has really nice rendering and as long as you can work with manual focus (or even better, if you prefer it) then it smokes the Canon 85 1.2. The Canon 50mm f/1.2 is kind of a technical dog in many regards—nice rendering, but barrel distortion and some pretty horrific aberration—so if this can follow their XP 85's example and just flat beat the Canon 50 while also keeping that nice rendering, we have a winner.
    (Especially as the AF on the Canon 1.2s is so bad it makes you want to use them manually all the time anyway... but then, they have awful manual focus, too.)
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    In the absence of light, darknoise prevails...
    May 13, 2014
    Sporgon said:
    So who buys all these Milvus, Otus Samyang-lenses-at-£600 for still photography ? Do they use LV or are they mainly by people who are using dslrs / mirrorless for video ? I can understand expensive, modern wide angle manual lenses but once we get to telephoto I'm baffled

    LV mostly, actually. I bought some used Classic Zeiss primes to slow down my personal photography and I also very much like the aesthetics of those primes as well as colours and overall contrast/rendering/pop thingy.
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    It doesn't have AF..

    Focal Length: 50mm
    Maximum Aperture: 1.2
    Image Circle: 24 × 36 mm (full-frame). Will also fit APS-C
    Lens Mount: Canon EF
    Focusing: Manual
    Image Stabilizer: No
    Optical Construction: 11 elements / 8 groups
    Minimum Aperture: 16
    Minimum Focus: 45cm
    Maximum Magnification: 0.17x (1:5.9)
    Aperture Blades: 9
    Filter Size: 86mm
    Length: 117mm
    Diameter: 93mm
    Weight: 1200g
    Included Accessories: Lens hood. Front and rear lens caps
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