Major Problem With the Aurora Aperture ND Filters for the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L

Steve Balcombe

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Aug 1, 2014
wm700293 said:
Well, the immediately previous remarks regarding the effect of filter thickness would make me want to put a micrometer to the four filters to see if the "12" and "16" filters were significantly "thicker" than the others. One easy way to get more density (darkness) in a filter is to make it thicker rather than changing the relative opacity of the material from which the filter is made. Could this be a contributing factor??? Inquiring minds want to know...

If you read the article you'll find that the problem also occurs with the 3-stop and 6-stop - if you add them after focusing. It's just that you never actually need to pre-focus with those filters, whereas with the very dark filters you have no choice.


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Jan 3, 2018
sbauer said:
sbauer, that sounds like a work around that is giving you the results you want.

However, and this is not intended as criticism, that sounds like quite a workflow to deal with in the field (focus, gaffer into position, remove lens from body, insert filter, re-fit lens...), that I personally would be loath to go to - just thinking of sensor dust for one thing alone. I am genuinely interested in whether you had tried the Lee Sw150 II system for your lens, as to me this is a far preferable method, and if so, what made you prefer the Aurora? (Parking to one side the issue of colour cast with your BigStopper).

I might of course just be a stick in the mud, and so used to using filters the old fashioned way, that any change is "bad" ::)

I was using the Lee system, to include the Big Stopper, with my 16-35 and when I got the 11-24 I began to look at an alternative. I understand there might be others with different results but, I've been pleased with the Aurora system. I agree that having to remove the lens to install a ND filter can be a pain and can possibly introduce sensor dust but, I usually just have to do it once and then I'm done. The Gaffer's tape stays on my lens and has not been a problem at all. Additionally, these filters a so much smaller and therefore are in my camera bag whenever the 11-24 is loaded. I'm also interested in hearing from others who have actually used these ND filters. Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the response, Stoical.
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