Military Aircraft: airshows, operational, whatever, lets see what you have!


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Sep 12, 2013
Hi Roo.
Wow, cancelled halfway through the show! I‘m still trying to have fun although there will be no shots from the Goodwood Members Meet this year which we should have got home from yesterday! :( We still have tickets for the Goodwood Revival later in the year but I’m betting there will be no large gatherings for at least the rest of this year! :cry::cry:
I have been working on a much smaller scale, :unsure: think a full stack of rings and a reverse mount! Expect to see some shots in the macro thread at some point, just as soon as I can get some worth sharing! :ROFLMAO:
Best get that Mk III tested with a few shots, just in case you got the dud! I call it me please, if there is a dud in the stack I can pick it! I once pulled the second flat packed garden bench from the stack saying “ha ha, I’ll leave the broken one for someone else,“ got home and guess what, one of the castings was cracked! Yep I’d definitely get the dud camera! :LOL:

Everybody please stay safe, follow the rules and we can make it through this. (y)(y)

Cheers, Graham.

I'll look out for the macro shots but I'll be hitting up the motorsports thread soon with some shots from the Thursday and from the Phillip Island historics meet the weekend before.



It's not the gear.
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Apr 18, 2013
Colorado, USA
USAF Thunderbirds fly by after graduation ceremonies at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. They also flew a pass along the front range over the major metro areas between Fort Collins and Pueblo to honor first responders. Actually a flight of 8 with 1 flanking and 1 trailing - I assume they were filming. Appeared to be flying a series of banks to give everyone a good view. Too bad is was such a gloomy, gray, overcast day. Monochrome seemed appropriate.
M6II, 70-300L


They were pretty low and disappeared into the trees.

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