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Oct 23, 2013
I've after shooting Bare Theatre's (Raleigh, NC) productions all last year, I've been made their official photographer (yay me!) Last week I shot my first theatre poster. This is just the photo portion, they'll add the play details and schedule in the empty middle portion.

The play is "Love Letters", and really consists of two people reading their love letters to each other throughout their lives. The play itself doesn't sound all that exciting to photograph, especially after doing Macbeth and Titus Andronicus this year. But after producing this poster, I really want to see what this play is about.

To give it that "painted" look, I bumped up the contrast and clarity to 100 in Lightroom, and then boosted the vibrance to 33. And now it's hard to tell this is a photo.

Love Letters by Ron Yorgason, on Flickr

Mt Spokane Photography

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Mar 25, 2011
I like it. Nice lighting too.

Post more photos as you get them. Theatrical photography is fun, but the people running the stage lighting do not always understand what a photographer needs. Onstage lamps that blow out the image, shadows that mess up otherwise nice shots.

I have a Play to shoot next week - Pinocchio

Its a home school play, but they get to use the local high school theater, that small town theater is one that many larger towns and universities would kill for. Dozens of lights of all kinds, rows of them with catwalks for spot light operators, remote controls, it boggles my mind as to how a small school could afford it, I think someone must have donated $$$$$$$$.


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Oct 23, 2013
That's a beautiful theater! I've shot in some absolutely horrible scenarios, but this one looks great. I think my least favorite is when they use a projector to create the background, instead of paint & props. Yes, it's way easier and cheaper, but the photos don't look nearly as good.

These are some of my favorite photos from last year's shows.

Compassion by Ron Yorgason, on Flickr

Subjugation by Ron Yorgason, on Flickr

Anguish - Macbeth - Act V by Ron Yorgason, on Flickr

Macbeth - Act III by Ron Yorgason, on Flickr

5D3_4266 by Ron Yorgason, on Flickr

Titus Andronicus by Ron Yorgason, on Flickr

Titus Andronicus by Ron Yorgason, on Flickr

1DX_2449 by Ron Yorgason, on Flickr
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