News Flash: Good news for some, bad news for others


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Aug 16, 2012

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I think it's good news. Holding onto a flange distance designed for SLR and dSLR cameras isn't very future proof. And how would it work with native RF lenses anyway? Would the sensor be moveable to shorten the flange distance? Doesn't make much sense to me and the camera would look just like a big dSLR but with an EVF, then what's the point of making a mirrorless system? Nikon and Canon just have to get through this awkward phase when there are a limited amount of native lenses just like Sony had to do. There's just not getting around it.
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Don Haines

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Jun 4, 2012
Have you considered that (just like the M and the Rebels + 80D + 7D2) that there is a market for both small bodies and larger bodies?

Think back to when the M was released.... How many of you were jumping up and down screaming that it was the end of EF-S? This is no different..... Canon comes out with an "R" that has a small form factor and some wideish and more compact lenses to go with it.... and the cameras like the 6D, 5D, and 1D series continue on as before.... and in the future, one may see a native EF mount mirrorless. The market is big enough for more than one model :)
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Dec 5, 2013
Well crap.

Yes a different solution had seemed to be more likely as the rumour mill of recent times has suggested . I also see this as the simple or obvious mount solution rather than an unusual or "sexy" one.

However I see this as a pragmatic approach by Canon. The new RF mount body and the new RF lenses are at shorter focal lengths and I assume more likely to to benefit from the new mount to create a more compact setup. Certainly I like the faster apertures that these lenses are offering which IMO is “sexy”.

I don’t feel as strongly about adaptors (which don’t have any optical elements in them). Since I own only EF glass it would be permanently attached to the RF body which would then not be significantly thicker than it would have been if the new body had been an EF mount. I also now have the option to add RF lenses to my kit if they are indeed significantly smaller/lighter or not bother if they are not.

What I do care about are the ergonomics of the new body such as the size and depth of the grip and it will be interesting to hear next week where the new body sits in between the M series sizes and the DSLR sizes.
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Jan 21, 2015
did i just get canon burned ?

i knew i should have stayed away when the 24-70 2.8 and 6d bodies were literally being blown out this summer. they loooovvveee proving how anything and everything is too good to be true

i guess that’s my lesson , nice f2 glass , jeez i guess this is how it felt back in 1987 huh

my canon gear became a lot less impressive ... i should just go back to fucking film
Be sure you know where the film has been before you do that to it.
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