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Jan 8, 2016
I've only had cards fail on me in a non recoverable way after a sudden power loss in non-canon equipment during larger writes (such as while moving files off the card). Twice with SD cards where certain blocks became unreadable (one in a zoom recorder, one in a raspberry pi) and twice with CF cards in card readers (one card reader was glitchy, one time the whole computer list power while deleting files). The last example was the only card that was a total loss where the camera couldn't format it afterwards and the card reader didn't even detect a card was inserted.

Never have I experienced a card failure in a camera. Neither in any of my 5 DSLRs, kids 2 MILCs, GoPro nor any powershot. Roughly two terabytes have passed through the cards flawlessly.

I've used Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung and a few brands I can't remember.

I can't see why people are so afraid of not having dual cards. I'd rather have several smaller, in case one gets totalled while copying to a computer.
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