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Jul 20, 2010
<p>We’re down to the <a href="">final 24 hours of the 5DayDeal 2017 Photography Bundle before it’s gone forever</a>. There is tons of great content, software and prizes to be won. Do not miss out!</p>
<p><strong>Why 5DayDeal?</strong></p>
<li>Learn an editing technique that will give you more creative control.</li>
<li>Take professional headshots on a budget!</li>
<li>Become an exposure blending maven.</li>
<li>Get Lightroom presets for street photography that you’ll love.</li>
<li>Learn how some of the best selling galleries sell frames.</li>
<li>Discover how to produce captivating B&W photographs more easily.</li>
<li>Save time using professional Adobe Lightroom presets.</li>
<li>Style your photographs to better reflect your creative vision.</li>
<li>Become a force of nature and edit to create winter photos that get noticed.</li>
<li>Hone your composition skills so you can tell a more impactful story.</li>
<li>Take stronger lifestyle and portrait photographs on-location.</li>
<li>Take your studio photography to the next level.</li>
<li>Learn how to become the artist you’ve always wanted to be.</li>
<li>Make any photo look vintage with Creative Photographer LR Vintage Presets.</li>
<li>Stop guessing! Master exposure so you can focus on the moment.</li>
<li>Become an expert at Long Exposure, Macro, and Dodge and Burn</li>
<li>Gain expert training on how to create mind-blowing HDR images.</li>
<li>Just because your subject is an “Average Joe” doesn’t mean the photos have to be!</li>
<li>Get Trey Ratcliff’s Complete HDR Tutorial 3.0. The first and second editions blew our minds!</li>
<li>You took an incredible photo. Now what? Take a coarse on Vision-Driven Editing and Post-Production work.</li>
<p><strong>Why from Canon Rumors?</strong></p>


</strong>(This is only for Canon Rumors Readers who <a href="">use our link</a>)</p>
<li>1 of 1 <strong>Canon EOS 6D Mark II Camera Body</strong> courtesy of <a href="">MIDWEST PHOTO</a></li>
<li>1 of 1 <strong>Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Camera Body</strong> courtesy of <a href="">Canon Rumors</a></li>
<li>1 of 10 Copies of <strong>AURORA HDR 2018</strong> for Windows or MacOS courtesy of <a href="">macphun</a></li>
<li>1 of 10 <strong>$25 Gift Certificates</strong> courtesy of <a href=""></a> (This prize is for US residents only)</li>
<li>An end of sale <strong>BONUS prize</strong> we’ll wait to announce!</li>
<p>Don’t forget, by using our link, you also get the following BONUS content free:</p>
<p><strong>WHAT YOU’LL GET EXCLUSIVELY FOR CANON RUMORS READERS</strong> (via email within 24 hours of purchase)<strong>:</strong></p>
<li><a href="">POST PROCESSING: A GUIDE FOR NATURE PHOTOGRAPHERS</a> ebook by Glenn Bartley</li>
<li><a href="">FLASH SIMPLIFIED: A GUIDE FOR NATURE PHOTOGRAPHERS</a> ebook by Glenn Bartley</li>
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